Monday, May 18, 2009

2, 24.8, 6.2

Now for the race report. Rocketts Landing Oly Tri - 2009, duathlon.

I have accepted the fact I am about to do a Du. It's no one's fault (except Mother Nature) and the race director did everything she could to keep it a full tri. ME was excited - as she was signed up for the du in the first place, and is also supportive because she knows I am not happy with the situation.

8:10 - the men go off. 8:12, the 70 or so women go off. I am immediately passed by all but 3 people and I watch them fade into the distance. TF stayed with me and we ran/walked our way to the mile 1 turn around. We saw all the DC tri people and cheered them as they passed. The last two ladies passed us during a walk break and we immediately leap frogged back. TF looks at me and says "We are DC Tri and can not be last into T1". I agreed and we were off, 3rd and 4th last into T1 :-) And way faster than I should have ran 2 miles :-(

It's still raining when Blain and I head out the the 24.8 (40K) bike course and luckily I have experience riding in the rain. I say hi to ME and Rose and wish them good luck and safe rides. I pass the 2 who some how made it out of T1 before me. I pass a handful of others and have a pretty good ride. I push a little hard because I figured a good ride and horrible run is better than an okay ride and horrible run. 1 hour 32 min - or 16.2 mph. This makes me very happy considering the conditions and 2 mile run before.

T2 is fine - just switched shoes from wet bike shoes to wet running shoes - there were puddles in the heals of the shoe; and am off.

10K run - oh you 10K. I decided to go no watch or HRM for the race. I wanted to see how things would "feel" vs. time or HR telling me how I felt. Also, this was decided when it was still a tri. In a way it was good because I couldn't let my slowness bother me. But during the 10K, I wish I had something for a more set run/walk.
Anyway, I start off for my 6.2 mile adventure watching some men finish. I see one woman, then another, then Kelzie! Kelzie is a DC Tri member who stayed in a room with ME, Rose and I - and overall very awesome person. And she is (obviously) very fast. I cheer loud and she is MOVING!
I continue on my way, running/walking based off of feeling and signs. Luckily, a woman passed me and when her watch went off, she walked. Woot! A run/walker! I decided that when she ran, I ran. When she walked, I walked. Unless I saw a DC tri club person, then I would run :-) Otherwise, I stayed with her until the turn around (up a gigantic hill) and just couldn't keep up with her any more. My foot killed around mile 1, but then forgot about it until around 4.5. There were knee twinges here and there but I just kept moving. A few more people passed and 3 hours, 20 minutes, and 6 seconds later - I crossed the finish line.

Kelzie and Emily (another DC Tri club member who I ran into at packet pick up and came to dinner with us Saturday night) were at the finish line with Oreos :-) I learned Kelzie was actually the 4th woman and would be winning $$. We found TF, made sure she was okay and we cheered on ME and Rose to the finish.

We all cleaned up our stuff from the transition area, threw it into our cars and headed to the awards. Kelzie received a giant check, award, and Hammer Gel for her 4th place finish. Rose received her plaque for her 3rd place age group finish. We were waiting for Emily's award - the Athena times weren't posted but she is pretty fast so knew she was in the top 3.

They announced the Athena category last and the Race Director said "With a time of 3 hours, 20 minutes and 6 seconds, from Washington DC - Amanda Chadwick". Now I wasn't paying much attention but ME, Rose, Kelzie and Emily all cheered very loud, and I realized that was me. I went up and received my third place plaque. And sure enough, Emily came in first.

Overall, I wouldn't have picked a Du to participate in and would much prefer a swim. But, do to the conditions, the race went from 370 to 192 people. 8 Athena's to 5. I am sure that helped with my best placement ever in a race. Either way, I really enjoyed the weekend, met some awesome people and can now ad a Duathlon to my race times sheet.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Mandy what a great job you all did! What fun & congratulations to all of you - To think you were all together is even better - Great job - Mom