Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hi all. If any of you are still there...

There has been stuff going on - some good and some not so much. But isn't that life?!?! It's all a learning process and choices.

Here is a quick recap.

Brooke and Shane's wedding! IN VEGAS! Great times were had. And you know what they say - what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas ;-)

This was followed by a large decision. I decided to switch from the full 70.3 Eagleman race to the Aqua Velo. This is just the swim and the bike - no run. Now I do have new inserts, and for the first time in over a year, I don't want to cut off my right foot after long walks in my sneakers - but I knew that wasn't enough to go 13.1 miles after 57.2 miles of swimming and biking. This drastically screws up my parents visit - but I had to do what was best for me. This will be the 1 year 'anniversary' of the start of my back spams and I really don't want to take any chances.

However, I still have to bike the 56 miles. So our crew headed out to Cambridge, MD for the fun day of biking. And when I say fun - I mean incredibly cold and windy. When birds flew up and into the wind - the went backwards. LITERALLY! I didn't have pants, but an extra set of arm warms which I used as leg warmers. But it was a good ride. Karen smoked me. Sandy stuck with me. Were were chased by a dog. And I taught Sandy how to blow snot rockets. The wind was so bad, at one point I wanted to crash so I wouldn't have to ride any more and someone would have to pick me up. But I finished. So, overall, a very successful ride. And we have 2 more scheduled before the race.

I took a day off to do one of the most memorable days I have had in DC - and that's saying a lot. I went to help a WWII veteran tour his memorial via the Honor Flight. He was all I expected and I would do this event again in a heart beat.

Friday was also a changing day - but in a different way. I had a BIKE FIT!! I have heard wonderful things about a bike fitter from Conte's and decided to give it a shot. I spent so much money on PT last year, maybe I could save a bit by paying for a new fit... And 1 hour and 40 minutes later - I felt a world of difference. YAY!

And tonight - my first Conte's hill ride. The route is still hilly. But I did more this year, on my first ride, than I did the past 2 years. Approved. This was celebrated with dinner (and queso) with some friends - and that was also approved.

So, there is my update. Oh, and I have been swimming too. Monday and sometimes Wednesdays with awesome people. They are making me faster, whether it be to keep up with someone or keep someone from catching me - it's good.

Now that I have started again - hopefully I can continue again. More stories about dog chase and snot rockets to come...