Monday, October 11, 2010

Whatever Holograms!

After the most perfect day on Saturday, Sunday wasn't far behind - but in a very different way.

We all woke up casually, had a relaxing and tasty breakfast before Lindsey, Carolina, Sandy and I headed out to Quarryville, PA for our Warrior Dash.

Where to start - I guess with the fact that we were clean, at one point.
Running a tad late, we missed our 2 o'clock wave, and just missed the 2:30 wave. Luckily, the last wave started at 3, so we were good to go. After we checked our gear bags, looked at the costumes, we lined up at the start.

This is when I started to get a bit nervous. These ladies are a bit faster than I am, and even though they said they would stick with me, I still felt bad. Plus, I was surrounded by costumes and I had a strong suspicious that they would be fast than me as well.

But before I knew it, the countdown started, fire went off, and we were on our way. The ladies were great and stuck by my side as we did our first mile before our first obstacle - the "tunnels of terror". Next was the "tanker trouble" where we had to climb over 4 trucks. There was a window to step on and a rope to pull yourself up. And on the first one, as I was figuring it out, Lindsey pushed my a$$ up, which wasn't really needed, but I think she just wanted to grab my a$$ (and I told her I would write that for all the world (or my 7 readers) to see). After the third truck, on the way down, I slipped and fell hard on my butt. Of course to the laughter of others - and myself. I proceeded to fall on the last one too. There was a "hell's hills" and hay bales next. Then the cargo nets! This was fun. Brought back the inner child in all of us.

A water stop (much needed), some wooden planks, a maze to crawl through, some logs to jump over, and another tunnel/trench thing, then came the water and mud - "Breathless bog" is what it was called and it was described as "trudge through waist-deep water over logs". Carolina and I were first through and missed Lindsey sitting on the log, and rolled backwards. Here is Sandy consoling the very wet Lindsey.

By this point, there was TONS of mud so it made the barricades a bit slippery to go over. This was followed by another mud pit - which wasn't as deep as I thought, so when I jumped in, I fell right over. AGAIN. At this point, Carolina pointed out that the holograms weren't working as I kept falling over. But it was all in good fun. The next part was probably the hardest - a vertical climb, totally covered in mud. We would take 1 step, and just slide back down. Somehow we all made it up and all that were left was the "Muddy Mayhem" - scramble through a mud pit under barbed wire and the "Warrior Roast" - a leap over fire.

I don't think words can describe the last two obstacles - so here are some pictures.

But the best is this finish picture. I think Lindsey was just ready to be done.

It was such a great time. There was some blood. Lots of bruises. Piles of mud. And countless laughs.

Oh, and some totally kick a$$ warrior hats.

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