Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Treadmill Run Yesterday!

(Which was Monday if you are reading this on Google reader)

My last run wasn't the greatest, and with the amount of food I ate and beer I drank last weekend, a run was very much needed. I thought I would focus on my cadence, as my next appointment with R on my running is coming up. I think I am doing okay, because it still hurts my legs in different ways when I concentrate on all the things R told me to do. I also decided on the treadmill so I could help control my speed, as I worked on cadence and posture.

Here was the downside I wasn't expecting - it was super hot in the gym. I mean, I walked in and started to sweat. And sweat buckets. BEFORE I even stepped on the treadmill.
And I felt a little like Goldilocks. The first treadmill I stepped on had no power. The second treadmill I stepped on turned on, but had this random clicking noise that just would not do for a jog. The third treadmill was just right.

But then the jog started. It was okay at first, but it just wasn't happening. Or happening well. My guess is all the fried and beer consumed in the weekend started to rebel.

But I went. And I probably lost 5 pounds in water weight. Oh, and I had some nice quality time with the foam roller.

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