Wednesday, October 6, 2010


When did it become fall? I am still trying to understand why/how I was burnt to a crisp the past two Saturdays, while wearing SPF 80, and now I am not fully transitioned to a fall wardrobe, including proper footwear (which I am severely lacking and a shoe shopping trip is very much needed) AND workout clothes.

I didn't have anything long sleeved or pants stashed away in my cube - so when it was time for my wog, the treadmill it was. It's been awhile so I didn't mind it too much. I was bothered by the fact that when I got there they were all full, so put my name on the list, sat on a bike for 10 minutes, and once one opened up, I looked next to me - she had been on there for 50 minutes! RUDE! That is not gym or treadmill etiquette.

Anyway, the wog was rough. I was working on my cadence and body position, but my legs were not having it - especially my hamstrings. I think they need a bit more recovery. And the fact that I am on my 4th Nalgene (32 oz of water each) without frequent ladies room stops, means something.

But overall, I feel better :-)

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