Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yoga Steve!! Well, Yesterday

I meant to write this yesterday, but ran out of time. Again.

I was still pretty sore from Sunday's kick butt hike, but knew I should do something. Running was out. I couldn't drag myself to the pool, and went out with Jess on Monday and had a board meeting on Tuesday. Bike - no, not yet.

Then Charles reminded me that it was Tuesday. Yoga STEVE!! So off to yoga I went.

It was a pretty tough class, but so good. I was dripping sweat within 20 minutes and had some great stretching poses. Yoga Steve kept coming over to fix my poses - aka, made them much harder. But I was really happy because I made progress on one pose - Shoulder stand to plow. My should stand was much higher with straighter legs, and when I moved to plow, my toes were super close to touching the ground!!! Yes, Yoga Steve did come over and help but still - it was progress. My hips and hamstrings still need a lot of work, but I am slowly getting there. Now that I am around more, I will hopefully be able to make this a weekly event again.

And maybe some people (*cough* Charles *cough*) can make it to class with me...

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