Monday, October 25, 2010

What A Great Weekend!

I'm back from a great weekend! I had the best weekend with Erica and accomplished all my goals.
1. There was no race. A fair share of walking, but no race.

2. I had a great time with Erica, her husband Chris, and their dog Jasper. Not Chief - that was their roommate's dog in college. So close!

3. The stadium is beautiful. It was really great to see a college football game in an outdoor stadium. The team on the other hand... well, the stadium was nice. AND, to they had cheese curds! They were listed on the menu as "Minnesota Cheese Curds" (vs. Wisconsin cheese curds), but I ate them anyway and they were delicious! And helped make up for the game I was watching in the wonderful stadium.

4. Big 10 Subs... Oh how I missed you.

5. The sweatshirt was a bit harder to find. I didn't find anything until Sunday when we had some time to kill before my flight - so Erica and I went to this little mall. There I found a nice little yellow Minnesota Golden Gopher Sweatshirt. I did manage to find some mittens and a cute little visor too at the Union. The Union was under construction for 3 of the 4 years I was there, so it was really nice to walk around and see what could have been...
Overall, it was a great weekend. The weather was a bit overcast, but little rain - so I was happy. It would have been great if the Gophers won, but really, that would have been expecting a lot. Hudson has some great food. And beer. And it was just what I needed.

Oh, and of course there was one more picture I needed.

I warned you there would be a lot of pictures of me in maroon and gold!

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