Friday, November 18, 2011

600 POSTS!!

It's not like I really have that much to say... But I guess I have had 600 posts worth of stuff.

To celebrate, Ironman FINALLY put together their 2011 Wisconsin 'awards' video. I didn't make this one either (or the TV version on Universal sports), but it's so great to watch and remember that I did that. Twice.

It only seems fitting I post my 600th post with why I started blogging in the first place.

And yes, I got all teary-eyed watching it.

And no, I still don't want to do another one.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Yes, I am.

I need to keep to a workout schedule. I really do. But I don't want to. My clothes are tight. I ripped a hole in the butt of my favorite jeans. My new favorite dress doesn't fit any more. The PC and I have goals to meet by Christmas, my birthday, his birthday, etc. But I am still not motivated to keep up a regular workout schedule.

I did go to a total body conditioning class yesterday, and I am pretty sore. And I should have gone to the gym today for some easy cardio/core/something/anything. Instead, I spent my lunch hour researching.

Not triathlon. Not races. Not training plans. Not recipes. But CRAFTS!

See, my mom planted the seed a few weeks back about sewing machines. Not that I should get one, but that she was thinking of getting second one. I said "Of course! My 4 bikes have different purposes, so you should have at least 2 machines for your different sewing purposes". Which got me thinking...

About a year ago, I 'hired' my mom to make cow bags for some of the ladies doing Ironman Wisconsin. In the cow bags were bike/run shoe drawstring bags (so you don't have to throw your gross shoes into a duffel bag/car all gross; the grossness can now be contained).
Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I realized maybe I should try to make some of these bags myself. It didn't take long for me to realize how valuable it was to have these types of bags for multiple purposes, and I didn't want to keep asking my mom for new shapes, sizes, and fabric patterns.

After some research, we settled on a nice starter model that should meet all my basic needs. During their visit this past weekend, I received a lesson from my mom and got to work. Needless to say, it's all I can think about now. My first solo project (well, I did have some cutting and pinning help from mom) went well and my new list is growing fast of things I want to make. Many of the items are triathlon related, so I don't want to spoil any surprises by sharing this list. However, some people are in on my new found (hopeful) talent and are already putting me to work. And I am very excited.

But don't worry that the sewing machine is now where the bike trainer was, and you can see 3 of the 4 bikes in the corner. No one puts Blain/Carlos/New Bike in a corner! Well, maybe just for a month or two...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pain in the Park

This past weekend was great. My favorite parents came into town for a long weekend visit. There is always lots of shopping, some touristy stuff, and of course - EATING!

To counter some of the delicious food, I decided to go to Pain in the Park on Saturday morning. My parents and brother were more than willing to sleep in while I went to this boot camp style workout put together by Karen. You remember Karen, she is the one who comes up with things like the 100 push up challenge and other fun off season tri stuff. And this was no different. Lead by Jill and Sandy G, it was very apparent how I have really been enjoying my off season.

It was a beautiful day, but a little chilly without the sun. We started with a little jog (major walk up call about my 5K in a few weeks...) and walking stretches. Which turned into high kicks. Somewhere things turned from stretching to more sweating and the need to keep moving so we didn't get cold. There were mountain climbers/high knees/lungs. There were bicep curls with cords and tricep dips on benches. 50 meter 'dashes' and running backwards for 50 meters. There were medicine ball throws. There were a lot of laughs and yelling at Sandy G and Jill for making us do all this stuff (yes, it was our choice to be there at 8 in the morning, but no one likes to be reminded of that fact).

Finally, when we got to planks and boxing, I just took my aggression out on Jill.
I promptly left before the "abs circle of death" and extra squats. I can only handle so much pain and I had to get back to my parents so I could fill up on clam chowder and Eggs Chesapeake.

Thanks to Karen for organizing (and the pictures), Sandy G for constantly fixing my form to make things harder, and Jill for adding extra core work by making me laugh with your crazy ideas of leap frogs and jump switch leg lunges.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Full Dogfish Dash Race Report

In my earlier post today, I mentioned a little 5K the Personal Cook and I did in September. The more I thought about it, the more I decided it needed a full race report.

Not necessarily because of the race itself - which was awesome. We got to Rehoboth Beach and walked around, played a lot of Skeetball for $0.10 a game, and we camped the night before the race - PS. falling asleep to the ocean is fantastic!

The next morning, we know parking would be an issue so we got up early, tore down our campsite in about 35 minutes, and headed to the brewery. Of course we had some time to kill after the port-o-john line, so I showed the PC a little YouTube video. I really don't remember where I found it, but it makes me laugh EVERY TIME!

This now brings us to why this race was awesome and needed its own race report. I have a new goal for pictures during races. I have never made it a secret that in races, especially triathlons, I tend to run for 3 reasons, and these 3 reasons only. When I see the following:
1. Family
2. Friends
3. Photographers

Fast forward to the race and the gun went off, we started running, smiled for the first photographer, and stuck to the 9:1 plan. Yes, I said run 9 minutes, walk 1 minute. All was going well, and during a walk break we saw a photographer, so we had to start running. However the PC said "How about we do the T-1000", and that changed everything. Every other photographer we saw, we tried to capture a different style from the Awkward Runners. Unfortunately, only one picture really shows our dedication to the craft.It was SO MUCH FUN! I mean really, no one EVER looks good in pictures while running, so I might as well try to capture the Geezer or Dandy. I think this shows my skills with the Flightless Bird.

That was a nice distraction as I was HURTING after about 20 minutes. But as I said, the PC stuck with me, kept me running, and got me across the line in 37.01, a solid 2 minutes faster than my last stand alone 5K (not including the Warrior Dash). I beat my all my 'targets', was very happy with my time, and the post race food was fresh fruit with yogurt and granola - and good BEER. Oh, and with the PC. Really couldn't ask for more from a race.

Hi. Remember Me?

First of all, so sorry for the delay in posting. I have had some funny/blog-worthy stuff happen, but I didn't want my first blog post back some random story. I felt I needed a nice lead-in to the next chapter of this "No longer Attempting Ironman..." blog. But that seemed like a lot of work and time, and I am still pretty lazy right now. However it's now November 1st, and I didn't blog at all in October, and I just need/want to start again. I think most of you (all 3 of you) read this via Google Reader, however I think my dad still checks everyday (Hi DAD!!). Thanks all!

So, where to start...

The rest of September was a blur. Right after Wisconsin, I had to go to Indianapolis for work. It was super difficult sitting in a conference for 8 hours, but it was also good rest. I went right to Deep Creek Lake to cheer some friends race in the hardest Oly and Half race EVER! After all that fun, I finally made it back to my apartment in DC.
I then spent a lot of time resting, trying to get the right side of my body back to normal (HA!). This of course included a lot of time doing bicep curls of beer/wine/vodka sodas.
The Personal Cook took a mini vaca to Delaware beach for camping and a 5K, and it was awesome. Once again, he stuck with me (and in real running shorts, not khakis this time) and kept me running to my best 5K time since 2005. I mean really, I was running TO BEER! I highly recommend this race to anyone on the East Coast. I was embarrassingly sore after, but we had a great time.

And October... What happened in October... I am really not sure. There was more drinking. Lots of catching up with my neglected couch. A bike ride and a hike. But mostly trying to find some pattern of workouts and eating. Oh, and actually doing my job.

Overall, I have been very much enjoying my off season. I have no huge desire to get back into sports right away. My right hip/butt is still not completely better; not doing anything didn't just solve the issue.

So I would like to cover a few other topics soon: new workout schedule, diet (including meatoberfest), my opinion of married men who paint their toe nails blue, and a few other things. Hopefully this is enough to keep me on your Goggle reader for a bit longer.

Happy November!