Sunday, June 13, 2010

57.2(+) Miles Baby!!

So much to say... where to start.

I made it down to Cambridge around 12:15. It was just enough time to grab my packet, change, do a quick ride with Karen, and make it in time for the 1 o'clock race meeting.
The best part was after when we were talking with some other DC Tri peeps.
Karen to Tuan "What wave are you in"
Tuan "Wave 6. You?"
Karen "7! Right after you!"
Tuan "I'll pee"
Me - fall over laughing.

After racking our bikes, Karen and I headed to the Days Inn for some hydration (water, thank you very much), rest, and watching the US vs England game. Then dinner at a super cute Italian restaurant in historic downtown Easton with Trisha, Jen, Dena, and Jelena. And of course, an early bed time. The alarm was set for 4:40 A.M.

Sunday - Race Day!!
I actually wasn't nervous any more. I knew it would be hot and windy. And there was little else I could do for the day. After transition was set up, it was off to the DC Tri tent. And this is where I learned that this would be my first non-wetsuit race. Yup, the water was warm enough were wetsuits were not allowed. I was so thankful I grabbed my DC Tri top last minute. It went against my "nothing new on race day" rule, but it was better than swimming in a sports bra...
I was in wave 13, the second to last, so I had plenty of time to relax. Oh, and there was a 15 minute delay.
The swim
Not much to say other than it was WAY longer than 1.2 miles. I am sorry, but it does not take me 45 minutes to swim 1.2 miles. There was not a strong current, no chop (despit swimming in a river called the Choptank), and my sighting was fine. After talking to others, everyone felt the same - it was a long swim.
Oh, and the nothing new on race day - I should have listened. HUGE chaffing under my arms. Oops. But still better than swimming in a sports bra!
Pretty simple as I didn't change. It was just gobs of sunblock, socks, shoes, knee brace, helmet, sunglasses, gloves, and race belt - and I was off. Well, it took awhile to clip in, hence the happy look on my face that I didn't fall over...
The bike
I am very glad I have been on the course before. I knew that when it was windy in some part, where I should hammer in others. The issue was that the hammering part was in the beginning and the last 15 miles were into the wind. It's hard to hammer the first part of a 56 mile ride.
Overall, I was pretty happy with the ride. I did pretty well for my self, considering the heat and wind at the end. There was some foot pain around mile 45. Some massive stomach cramping around mile 35 til the end that made areo very difficult. I did one good deed by stopping and sharing the love of combos for a guy with some serious cramping issues. And finished the bike in 3 hours and 32 minutes. YAY ME! But boo to non long arms to use the gobs of sunblock over my entire back.
No run
I can't say how happy I was to not be running. The last part of the ride overlapped with some of the run course and I got to see a lot of DC Tri people. It looked horrible - especially because I really do not like running. Seeing great runners struggle - eek. My fear was I would have finished the swim and bike and thought that I could manage the 13.1 mile run - nope. So not an issue. One report said it was up to 107 on the black top, in the sun, with no shade or breeze. BRUTAL!

I was so proud of all the DC Tri people, and everyone who did any part of Eagleman. It was a tough, tough day. Which could only be celebrated in 1 way - SONIC!

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