Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2 More Eman Stories

As you know, I am pretty sun burnt from not having long enough arms to reapply my back with sunblock in T1. Karen had the same problem and had this story to share.

a coworker just asked why i was so sunburned and i said my big race was yesterday.
he asked how i did and what race was it?
i said, it was a half ironman. it was a tough day, i was happy that i finished.
he said, oh. i played golf yesterday. it was really hot!
congratulations to you, coworker, on your round of golf.

Nice snark Karen. APPROVED!

Also, triathletes often write race reports on our DC Tri Club forum. It's to share stories, brag, trash talk, and just let others know the ups and downs of a race. There were a bunch on Eagleman for this past weekend, all with the common theme of "The swim was long. It was hot. There was wind." Things I have already said.

However, Sandy had nice little write up, channeling her best Dr. Seuss, and I asked if I could share with you 7 readers (even though I think 4 of you have all ready seen this on the forum...)
I do not like swimming without suit,

Too long swim course was no hoot.
I do not like swimming very far,
Especially if there’s no pool bar.
Bike ride was so flat and breezy,
Pedaling non-stop was not so easy.
Puked on the bike, puked on the run,
Sunburned skin is no fun.
I do not like sun here and there
I do not like sun everywhere.
I gutted it out, towards the finish line I ran,
I’m so glad to be done with you, Eagleman.

Well said Sandy. Well said.

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