Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

tMan, time does fly. Things have been a bit crazy lately.

After Eagleman I had a few more days with my parents. Some fun family Chadwick time. This was followed up by a few busy days at work and a flight back home to Milwaukee. Yup, I figured 3 days away from my parents was too much so I flew home. And there was a baby shower to attend. AND Father's day!

So, what did all this mean? Food. Shopping. Food. Pedicures. Food. Beer. Cheese. Food. Wine. S mors. Shopping. That was my 4 days at home.

This also means I haven't worked out much at since Eagleman. Which isn't the best as Tammy and I are headed down to Richmond for the I Love the Tavern Triathon. Which includes a 5K run. And I really have no idea the last time I went for a little jog. Soooo.... we shall see...

But first, let's see if I get up for my ride tomorrow....

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