Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wet Dog and Worms

This morning I got up to ride. It was BEAUTIFUL! One of those mornings when I was driving on Ohio drive, the fog was rolling in, the sun was coming up over the tree line, you could see the top of the Washington Monument, and you could see the curve of the Jefferson Memorial. It was gorgeous. I wish I could have grabbed my camera and capture the scene.

Then I started riding. At first, I was still in the moment. There was one point where the sun was hitting the layers or trees and it reminded me of my canoe guide days.

But, it rained last night so the roads were damp. And it smelled. When I went around the point, it hit me. An odd combination of wet dog and worms. Lovely huh?!?!

But it was a good last ride before Eagleman AquaVelo. Which I am a bit nervous for...

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