Wednesday, June 9, 2010


On my lunch break today I did some counting. Yes, I am an “economist” so I often do things with numbers, however this was just for me. And had nothing to do with economics.

Sunday’s Aquavelo will be my 38th “endurance” event since April 6, 2003. Yes, I keep track of all my runs, swims, duathlons, triathlons, and now aquavelos for time, but not placement; that doesn’t matter to me. I have done 12 runs, 11 open water swims, 2 duathlons (both were supposed to be tri’s, but because of weather, were Du’s), and 13 triathlons. I have finished all but 2. One open water swim I was pulled out and DNF’ed, and one Du I was not allowed to finish because of weather.

I always find the start of the season a good time to reflect on what I have done. I have done everything from a 5K to a marathon, 750 meter to 4.4 miles swim, sprint to Ironman triathlon. I knew all of this, but for some reason going into Sunday knowing it’s my 38th event, shocks me. I am incredibly lucky to be able to participate in these events. All I can do is hope my luck continues.

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