Friday, June 25, 2010

I Am NO Michael Phelps

Tonight was my date night with Karen. Swim, yoga, dinner and gossip. Good times!

But the swim, I was a bit off. My stroke didn't feel natural or strong. I never got into "that rhythm". Things did get a bit better when Karen's coach hopped into the lane with us - and made me lead, but not much better.

Then I thought - had I swam since Eagleman? The Monday my parents were here, Wednesday I had an appointment, this past Monday I was in Milwaukee and Wednesday I went in for a bike fit-tweak. So nope, first swim since Eagleman. No wonder...

Well, I am off to pack to head to Richmond tomorrow. Oh, and the swim "The river is 85 degrees with a current speed of 1.25mph, lake like, but with movement so not a yucky stagnant body of water!"

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