Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something Was Bound To Happen

To get me to post again.

There were many times I thought about blogging.
  • When I had the most fantastic run with the Personal Cook. It was a Thursday at lunch, PERFECT weather, had a solid 9:1, and felt great. Those so called endorphins actually kicked in and he felt them too.
  • Erica came to visit over St. Patrick's day weekend. And she was totally cool about me taking 2 hours to run on that Saturday morning, and staying in drinking beer. Except I got super sick (AGAIN) and sent her off to do touristy stuff while I slept on the couch and dreamt about running.
  • I met DAVE SCOTT!!! And Dave Scott knew me and my name for like 2 hours. I know, I am awesome.
  • My fantastically wonderful awesome parents came to visit.
  • I did finish the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. With the help of the PC and Mr. Shorty Shorts. And really, this topic does deserve its own post.
  • My dear friend and former running group partner Rachna got married in Raleigh. In addition to the wedding and her looking like an Indian princess/Bollywood actress, there was also a visit to the WORLDS largest chest of drawers. (A picture will eventually make its way to this blog.)
All of the above topics were/are blog worthy, as were a few other things that happened over the past month and a half. But, laziness continues to win and sometimes blogging is hard (said in a whining voice).

Until Tuesday. I am very scarily close to my "I am never going to weigh this number again!" weight and trying to find motivation, again. I keep trying new things like more weights and total body condition classes, more yoga, and hoping I can figure out to make sewing a zone 5 activity. I am also working on finding a balance between workouts and a social life. Tuesday's have become trivia night with my brother and his GF. The PC and I figured we had time for a quick run, make a decently healthy dinner, and get to trivia on time. A win win for all aspects. Right? Right.

We get to my apartment, lace up the sneakers, and head out the door. I am very lucky because I live right by Rock Creek Park. We (meaning I) figured to change it up a bit and try a trail run to get to the main path. Not even 3 minutes into the run, down I went.

Not.Cool. But I attempted to keep going, much to the concern of the PC. I insisted he continue to go first but he kept turning around every 5 seconds - even after repeatedly saying I was fine. Which I was. Just a lot of dirt, some blood, and only a few tears. And 35 minutes later we finished the loop, took pictures and started dinner.
Oh, and we came in 3rd for trivia.