Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'll Take It!!

When you get up at 4 in the morning, it has to be worth it. Well, if it wasn't for a race, the sun raise was totally worth it. I only wish my camera could have captured this better.

I got to transition, set up, and started walking around. It's always so fun to chat with people, feel the energy of the race, wishing everyone luck - especially when the race is in your city, your back yard, and 9 of the top 10 Olympians will be racing a few hours after you. What a great energy! At some point, I realized the race would be starting soon and I should mentally prep for a race. Only a sprint, but still, that's what I said last week about the Bay Swim - and we know how that turned out...

Well Janel was with me and was awesome. I was also excited for Nicole (who is Tony's wife that I did Ironman Moo with last year when we started the run together), as it was her first race. We lined up and jumped in. Jumped in where you ask - yes, the Potomac River. (NOTE - this pic is from the day before, the water was much calmer) Honestly, it wasn't as bad as I expected. Yes, some people said they hit logs, ran into water bottles, saw tires - but I didn't and have swam in much MUCH worse places. The water didn't even taste that bad...

Swim time, not too bad. 15:13. But, looking at my 100M split, I would have liked to have been a bit faster. T1, I am always slow. But, Carlos and I were feeling good after yesterday's practice ride so we were off.

I have to say, I L.O.V.E.D riding through the streets of DC with no cars. It also helped that I had my DC tri jersey on and heard tons of "Go DC Tri!" It's always a good feeling. I would have liked a better pic, one with the Washington Monument, but oh well. The bike was good. Carlos did well and averaged 16.8 mph. Not bad for a flat course! My HR was up the entire time, but knew I wouldn't have a great run so wanted to push a bit more.

So far, everything was feeling good. My back was a bit twinge, nothing too bad. T2 was fast for me, under 2 minutes so I can't complain. But this was the moment I wondered if doing this race was a good idea or not. My back was TIGHT! But 3.1 miles, if I walk, I walk. I do the run walk and if I had to walk the whole thing, fine. But I kept seeing DC Tri people and they were so encouraging... I had to run. Lori and Ed were at one turn and just started yelling for me to run. I did, laughed, and they snapped a few pics. But after about mile 1, when the rain started, I did feel better. Things were loosening up and I was feeling pretty good. I ran a bit more and was just happy to be finishing. Not a great 5K time, but given my back and lack of training, I was happy.

As I heard my name announced when I crossed the finish line, I also heard "And here is America's Mayor, Adrian Fenty!" Oh cr*p. All the cameras are recording him and I really didn't want to make it on tv. Yes, I finished before him (and I will ignore he the Oly course, twice the distance as I did), but still... I didn't make it on TV (yay), but also didn't get the great finisher photo I was hoping for with The Capital in the background. Oh well... I know it was there.

Overall, it was a good race. Tons of great people, good friends, and strong accomplishments. I was proud to race in my backyard and celebrate with some friends over a few beverages while we watched the pros. I was home and ready for a nap all by 3.

A pretty good Sunday.

Oh, and of course, a celebration with America's Mayor.

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