Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yesterday's Run

Charles and I were actually on the same meeting-less schedule yesterday and were able to go on a run around The Mall. Charles is one of the few people I will 'run' with. He knows my pace, is okay with it, makes me go faster, tells great stories to keep me distracted, looks good without his shirt, and helps me up Capital Hill.

Usually we get to The Mall and he takes off while I trot along eventually meeting back up to do some hills (okay, 1 hill, but it's a really big one). Yesterday Charles decided to stick with me. Both good and bad. I had to keep the pace up - which is both good and bad :-) At one point he did leave me to run around a patch. He literally ran a circle around me, going more than 3 sides of the square while I did one. I drew out this sketch on the right so you have a better idea of what I am describing. I ran the pink part while Charles ran the blue part. All in the same amount of time. He is really fast.

But like I said, he knows what he is getting into when we venture out for a 'run' together. An entire blog post about him.

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Catharine said...

This is awesome! I love the illustration! :)