Friday, June 5, 2009

Thinking of the Weekend

I am finalizing my weekend plans as Mother Nature appears to be giving us in the area a break from rain. The ONE think I really HATE about my plans is they involve setting my alarm very early (and glad my alarm is not a penguin with cymbals).

Saturday is the first DC Tri Club Training Triathlon. It's a great event for our club and I am happy to volunteer. However, I have to be there between 6 and 6:10. With coffee and donuts. The only Dunkin that opens at 6 is on the other side of town, which means an even earlier wake up time. But I am happy to do it - or so that's what I tell my self.

Sunday we are doing the Sandy Point swim/bike - take 2. Because of the thunder, lightning, rain at 6:00 am last week, we cancelled and then it became a beautiful day. This weekend, we are going no matter what!

So as I strive for balance, this weekend is heavily one sided. Early nights and very early mornings (earlier than I get up for work...) but it's my choice. I like to do this stuff and know as I work towards a balance between tri stuff and more social stuff, it all does work out in the end.

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