Sunday, June 28, 2009

Still Trying to Figure It Out

Well, I was supposed to participate in a race today with Tammy this morning- but no, not for me right now. I really wanted to go, but knew it wasn't a good idea. I was going to go volunteer, however sitting in a car for a few hours, and not sure what I would be doing - while still having spasms, I figured wasn't smart either. So, the weekend was good but pretty uneventful.

Saturday I ran a boat load of errands and my back hardly had 1 twinge. It was sore, with some tightness, but that was all. When I got home, I threw in a movie to relax. After I got up, spasms on the left side galore. Interesting.... Sitting isn't good.

Sunday Arin, Brooke, Diane and K headed out to Sandy Point for an OWS. Now my Dr and PT both said I could swim, as swimming doesn't bother the back. Things felt okay and it was nice to do something. We relaxed at the beach for awhile but the sun never came out and grocery shopping needed to be done. And spasms - not so many...

So I am taking notes, trying to figure out what sets off the spasms, where they are, how intense, what I was doing. It's quite the web and I can't find any one solid, full proof, trigger.

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