Friday, June 26, 2009

Trying EVERYTHING I Can Think Of

Really, I am.

Physical Therapy.
Changing my work chair.
Made and appointment with the ergonomic department to come look at my office set up (it's on Monday).
No more flip flops.
Shoes with inserts.
Shoes without inserts.
Also, acupuncture.

A bit of a (n expensive) long shot, but I am willing to try anything to get my back better.
Well, it was an experience.

First of all, I was yelled at for drinking an iced coffee (apparently cold drinks makes pain worse...), told to stop taking my anti inflammatories, informed that muscle relaxers don't work, and to stop taking all other prescription drugs I am on... But I could take 1 over the counter Aleve...

Given all of this, I went through with the treatment anyway. Was stuck with a few pins on my left forearm, right hand, left knee, and tried to relax as directed. When she came back in, I think she fully expected the pain to be gone - but no, not so much. Still spasms when I sat up, and moved around. More pins in the back, stomach, forehead - still not better. And I was trying. I wanted the spasms to go away. If I could get the mind of matter to work - totally worth the money. But no luck.

And I don't think I will be going back for treatment #2... It's hot and I like iced lattes

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Anonymous said...

I concur about not returning, not when they tell you to discontinue reliable medical treatment.