Tuesday, June 2, 2009

At Home Workout

I am lazy. We all know this. So, instead of working out tonight, I decided to work on my tire changing skills. Now I know I can change the tube so I really wanted to focus on the CO2 cartridge. My first try, completely wrong. FAIL.

So, for try two, I decided looked up the directions. I did EXACTLY what it said and it still didn't work. BOO! I am annoyed and really scr*wed if I get a flat on a course. Yes, this is something I should have learned long ago, should have down and be able to do really fast - but I just don't. I ran out of cartridges to keep practicing, and they aren't cheep. Oh well.

Tomorrow I am going to try and pick up Blain before swim practice, so hopefully I can pick up a few more, and maybe new Inflator as well...

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