Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm At About 50/50

A few weeks ago I sent Coach a schedule. It was my ideal of what I would be doing from now until Jan/Feb when we really started working together. He made a few changes, but overall was okay with it. And I have been okay with following the said schedule, but Turkey day and random outings really threw me off. Oh, and of course being sick for a week.

Since being sick, and Turkey day, I ate a lot of leftover pie, did some shopping on Black Friday, and caught up on some sleep.

But Saturday, I got up and sat on my bike on the trainer for 45 before brunch. APPROVED!
Sunday I was out and walked to the grocery store, and walked to the river, and walked to the harbor. It was close to 12 miles. YES, 12 MILES!!!
Monday, yesterday, it was a swim day. I told EVERYONE that I was going to swim, even thought I couldn't get anyone to swim with me. I figured if I told EVERYONE that I was going to swim, I would go. I got home from work, packed my swim bag, got to Marcus, stopped by the dry cleaners, picked up my dry cleaning, and drove home. I just could NOT get my self to go to the pool. I couldn't. Just.Could.Not. BUT, I did sit on my bike trainer again for another 45 minutes. And it was good, I felt good. Because I would be lying if I said that 12 miles of walking didn't hurt. If you don't believe me - you try walking 12 miles!!

Anyhoo, today was YOGA STEVE! But, not Steve, some other random chick. she was okay, but no Yoga Steve. Way more of a cardio yoga class than I prefer. I get my cardio from other places and therefore prefer my yoga to concentrate on my core and stretching. But he will be back next week.

BUT, my favorite part of the day - when I came out of yoga class, I saw my friend Scott on the treadmill. He was having a though time and asked for help for his last 5 minutes. Of course I hopped on the t-mill next to him and just started talking. It was one of those times where word vomit actually was the best thing someone could ask for. Something, ANYTHING to distract from what you do not want to be doing. I was more than happy to help out.

And that is why I am about 50/50 on my schedule. I am TRYING.

I know I need to step up, but I am just not there. I am not sure if it's because I am not 100% on my schedule, or I have some mental block of the fact I have finished one, or if there is some other issue I am not dealing with... Who knows... I just hope I am not digging my self a hole I can't get out of.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble Gobble!!

I am thankful for so many things.
Family who love and support me in all I do.
Friends who are just amazing people and inspire me everyday.

Overall, I do know how lucky I am, and I am thankful for all I have. Especially a cousin who can cook a fabulous dinner and Macy's for having a sale tomorrow I am excited to go to during my lunch hour. It sounds like a much better plan than the gym, right?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Hate Saying No!

Most people know that I LOVE skipping workouts. I come up with very creative ways to skip workouts. But, it is even better when someone asks me to go for a drink or dinner to help them skip a workout. I 99.9% of the time will take them up on their offer.

The 0.1% of the time, WHEN I AM STILL SICK! Even if I was willing to infect others, I am on the z pack, so no drinking for me. BOOO!!!!

Sorry Karen!

And shame on you Sandy and Alejandro for not stepping up!

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Flip Side

As much fun as I had last weekend, I think it took it's toll on me. I feel like I have been hit by a semi. I have been sleeping since I got back on Sunday. Bed, couch, shower, bed. Repeat. Not fun.

I don't think it's really fair because the weekend in WV wasn't all about me. I was doing recon for future training weekends. Dirk did a bunch of his training for is Ironman up there last year, as his house is in the mountains, and plans to do the same this year. A long IM Lake Placid/Wisconsin group trip is in the works and I had to make sure the lake, hills, restaurants, and lodging would be satiable. See, it wasn't all about me!! I shouldn't get this sick after... NOT FAIR!

Okay, it's time for bed. I just hope I can sleep more than a few hours without coughing up green stuff.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Do You Know What's A Great Ab Workout?

(Saturday's Post)

Raking leaves. Lots and lots of leaves.

My friend Dirk and I were talking the other day about his mountain house in West Virginia. I told him I am really good at hanging out at mountain houses, and would even help clean the gutters.

So Friday, I took off a bit early for work and we headed to West Virginia. After lots and lots of traffic, we finally arrived. Such a cute place! We got right to work - making cranberry/orange infused vodka!! It takes a minimum of 3 days, so I will just have to assume it worked out.

I slept so well!! It was nice and cool and there was something about sleeping where it was so peaceful. And the sleep was needed because we got right to work! Leaves leaves everywhere leaves. Dirk did the gross work of the gutters while I swept the deck. Then the raking started. Driveway (up a massive hill), parking landing, side of the house, back of the house, and the other side of the house. But it all seemed to go pretty quick. And I noticed that if I were to engage my core, it was a pretty good ab workout. I was careful to switch sides - not wanting to overwork one side more than the other - but overall, it was just so nice to be outside. I didn't mind the work, just the wind that was blowing the leaves back to where I just raked them from.

Once all the work was done, a quick hike (and this picture does not do the view justice, but you might get an idea for the amount of leaves...) followed by lots of relaxing. Not too bad. Not too bad at all.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sometimes Drinks Are Better Than Workouts

That's what I have to say about tonight.

2 different groups. 2 different reasons. Both needed drinks. Both were needed tonight - for me. And yes, it was better than 30 minutes on my trainer. That I can make up. Being their for friends and them being their for me, that you can't make up.

Hour long sangria pitchers and 4 hour dinners over fajitas - means so much.

Thanks those involved. You teach me more than you will ever know.

Monday, November 15, 2010

3 Shower Day

It's really interested the things you notice about a day. For example, today - showers.

I took 3.

I woke up, took shower number 1, and went to work.

Started work, then Charles and I decided it was a good day for the treadmill. We were both hungry and our legs hurt - so to the gym we went. On our way out I said "Aren't you glad Ironman training has started again???" Of course he is!! :-)
But of course, for the first 20 minutes we could not have treadmills next to each other. However, Charles kicked off the woman next to me who was on for 40 minutes (and there is a 30 minute time limit). And that last 10 minutes was exactly what I needed.
Charles has a much faster cadence - and the cadence I am aiming for, so it was great for me to try and follow his stride. He could go his 7.5 mph, I could go my 4.8-5.1 mph, but keep the same beats per minute. It was so helpful! I kept ramming into the treadmill, but that was just proving on what I need to work on in terms of cadence and pace.
Hopefully I can get Charles to do this with me a few more times!
And obviously, there was a shower after the gym because it was still super hot in the gym.

Then, continuing with my schedule, I went to the pool. I did make sure people told me I still had to go to the pool, even though I swam 2 days in a row... so to the pool I went, even though I was on my own. Someone who shall remain nameless (and is one of my 8 readers) keeps falling off of her bike and needs to stop!!! I am so getting you a hologram bracelet for the holidays!
Anyway, she couldn't make it, I am assuming someone else was still in Clearwater after her 14th place finish at the 70.3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Yes, someone I know was 14th, and 100th OVERALL. IN THE WORLD!
Anyway, back to me. I SWAM! By myself. And of course, that means another shower.

So, 1 day, 2 workouts, 3 showers. For the first time, I feel like I am in training. And it makes me very happy.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Great Day

I have to say, I forgot I was missing by being so busy these past few months and not having weekends. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time with the travel and races and visiting friends, but these past 2 days reminded me of what weekends are capable of.

After I did bike on the trainer yesterday, followed by some push-ups and sit-ups, it was nice to go out on Saturday with my workout done, but didn't take up my entire day.

Today, same thing. I went to the farmers market with Diane and bought lots of tasty food to cook. We also went to breakfast, it's just needed after a trip to the farmers market!
I came home, started to cook dessert for a Sunday night dinner at Karen's. We have done this before, but this time, Karen cooked, Tammy brought the bubbly, and I was making dessert. This was the goal. Once the cake was cooked and cooling, I went for a run!
Yes, me, went for a nice jog working on my form. It was such a beautiful day I had to take advantage and I am glad I did. Once I got back, I made a side salad for lunch tomorrow and started on my cake.

On my way to Karen's, there was a beautiful sunset and I realized how lucky I am. And how AMAZING my dessert turned out. Look at it! It TOTALLY looks like the picture!
AND the best part, 300 calories! THAT'S IT!!!

Okay, I am obviously happy with myself and I am pretty sure Karen and Tammy were as well. Karen's pasta was delicious, as was Tammy's bubbly.

I pretty much think this says it all.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lazy Saturday

I have to say, this being in town thing is pretty nice. This is the first weekend in a very VERY long where I don't have much to do. It's AWESOME!

I decided not to ride with everyone because
1. I haven't ridden my bike outside since Myrtle Beach.
2. The people going are WAY faster than me.
3. It should be a beautiful day, but was still cold at 9 am.
So, I talked my self out of riding outside and will eventually hop on my trainer for a good hour or so ride.

In the mean time, I have done all the normal things people do on the weekend. Cleaned up my room, did dishes, made breakfast - it's so nice!!!
Now I can blog about it, track AJ and Janie at the World Championship 70.3, and still have time to bike on the trainer (which I actually want to do!!), and do my push ups and sit ups.

Yay Weekend!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Week... Another Catch-Up Post

My blog tends to go in spurts and there are 2 main reasons.
1. I was super busy and didn't have the chance to blog
2. I didn't work out much and don't want to admit it

This time, it was more #2 than #1...

But, there was a lot of fun stuff that happened. My favorite parents came to visit. There was lots of touring, shopping, slots, and eating out.

Luckily, my parents are understanding of the training that needs to be done, so when the opportunity came to get in a work out, I took it, and they were very understanding. That included 30 minutes on my permanently set up trainer, or a "Pop Up Challenge".

What is the Pop Up Challenge you ask? Well, it's when R and A, two local tri coaches and lovers of pain, kick our butts. Something like 20 squats, 30 sit ups, 10 walk outs, run 5 minutes. Followed by 20 push ups, 20 lungs on each leg, 10 walk outs, run 5 minutes. Followed by 20 curtsy squats, something else painful, 10 walk outs, run 5 minutes. This happened over and over for about 60-75 minutes.
Needed? Yes
Painful? Yes
Glad I went? Of course.
Sore for multiple days? Definitely!

I am not sure what happened to the rest of the week, but I did manage to make it to abs/weights class on Wednesday. And that was about it.

Oh,and of course, a huge thank you to all of the military for Veterans. Thank you for your service!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Floppy Feet!

Today was my next session with R. There are very few things that can get me out of bed in the morning when it is still dark - but wanting to become a better runner is one of them.

I met up R and we went right to the treadmill. He instantly asked if I have been working on my core, which I have (and this is pre 200 sit up challenge!) so I was happy he noticed. Apparently my hips are swaying less when I am running. Score one for me!

Overall he seemed happy with my progress - which made me happy because it is all I work on while I am running. But of course, there are things I still needed to work on.
  1. Trying to keep my feet on the treadmill/ground as little as possible.
    Once I did this, my knees went higher and I had a better finish in the kick at the end of my stride.

  2. Staying light on my feel as I am running.
    A bit like number 1, but different. We did some drills where I would be heavy and it hurt, especially my knees. Apparently, that was close to how I was running before!!

  3. Floppy Feet! And obviously my favorite.
    Remember that Friends episode where Phoebe runs like a 4 year old? In a way, that's how my feet felt. But, for some reason, it kind of relaxed my entire body - I just have to be careful I don't trip (good thing I have a Power Balance wristband!) as I almost did when R said "Try floppy feet". But, even if it makes me giggle just a bit to think of Floppy Feet, it worked.
So, armed with my new tips, and the old tips, I am feeling good about running. For the next steps, I am going to work on running a mile concentrating only on form. I told R how that is hard for me because running really does help with my weight issues, so I struggle with the "keep good form" vs. "keep going so you can lose weight". I think for the sake of my feet, knees, body - I will concentrate on form for the next 2 months. Come January, hopefully the muscles will be a bit more used to the new running style and I can pick up the cardio/amount of time running/distance.

Oh but my favorite part, after the last lap around the mini-track I took, R looked at me with a big smile and said "You now look like a runner".

I know, it made me cry a little too.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Time Goes By So Quickly!

Man, I don’t know where the time went. I even had things to blog about this past week, but was not home a lot so I did not get the chance to post. So, because I forgot my yoga close this morning (sad I know, no yoga Steve today – but I did go vote, so that is something!), I am taking my lunch hour to catch you 8 readers up on my week – the best I can remember…

Wednesday was a meeting. It was triathlon related so it totally counts as a workout! Or something.

Thursday I went to masters swimming. I was pretty sore for a solid week of working out, so I jumped into the slowest lane for the practice. Yes, of the 4 lanes I am either last in the 3rd slowest lane and working my butt off to keep up, or I lead the slowest lane. Masters people are FAST! This was followed up by demanding food at Diane's place before watching Project Runway. And I will no longer be watching Project Runway because the winner SO SHOULD NOT HAVE WON!

Friday was probably my favorite day. I didn't feel like going for a run, but it was beautiful outside, so I went for a walk. I wound up at the National Gallery of Art and wondered why I had not done that before. I saw one of my favorite paintings, and head back to the office. It was a brisk walk on a lovely Friday. It just put me in a really good mood. This was followed up by two birthday parties and a bit of a late night.

That late night lead to a late start on Saturday for the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. I was happy to be a part of the moment. And even happier to head home and watch on TV. There was a lot of walking, so that basically counts as a run. AND, there was a Halloween party thrown by tri people - so obviously a workout.

Sunday was a marathon. No, I am not talking about this marathon, but the marathon of cleaning. 5 loads of laundry, clearing out parts of my closet, cleaning my bedroom, and scrubbing half of my bathroom. Two of my favorite parents are coming to visit this weekend so cleaning was MUST. And seriously, cleaning my apartment is TOTALLY a workout. I was sad to miss out cheering for Rob, Janie, Charles, and everyone else, but I thought of them as I tossed old running shoes. And, I headed to this musical Sunday evening. SO GOOD! If you like that hippy story line and 70's rock music stuff.

This takes us to yesterday, Monday, November 1st. I did make it swimming with Toby, Jen, Jenny and a few others, but was late so I did my own thing. And that was 2200 meters straight. Because I wanted to see if I could. And I could. I think over all, I racked up a solid 2800 - which made me very happy.

But that isn't the most exciting thing about yesterday; it was Day 1 of our 100 Push Ups Challenge. 100 Push Ups?!?! Yes, that is crazy talk, but true. This was part of the meeting I was at on Wednesday, and Karen came up with this idea. And for some reason, a boat load of us tend to do what Karen tells us. So, there are about 40 women signed up for this 100 Push Up challenge, based on this plan. Oh, and I also signed up for the 200 sit up part as well. Yay off season!

I almost didn't write about this, but figured if I posted it, I have to follow it because someone might ask. And I can't lie. Or I try, but it's so obvious that I am lying no one believes me. So, it's posted and I can't take it back...

Now that I have caught you all up on my week, I am sure you can understand why I haven't had the chance to blog. Hopefully this is a trend that will not continue. I hate missing Yoga Steve!