Monday, November 15, 2010

3 Shower Day

It's really interested the things you notice about a day. For example, today - showers.

I took 3.

I woke up, took shower number 1, and went to work.

Started work, then Charles and I decided it was a good day for the treadmill. We were both hungry and our legs hurt - so to the gym we went. On our way out I said "Aren't you glad Ironman training has started again???" Of course he is!! :-)
But of course, for the first 20 minutes we could not have treadmills next to each other. However, Charles kicked off the woman next to me who was on for 40 minutes (and there is a 30 minute time limit). And that last 10 minutes was exactly what I needed.
Charles has a much faster cadence - and the cadence I am aiming for, so it was great for me to try and follow his stride. He could go his 7.5 mph, I could go my 4.8-5.1 mph, but keep the same beats per minute. It was so helpful! I kept ramming into the treadmill, but that was just proving on what I need to work on in terms of cadence and pace.
Hopefully I can get Charles to do this with me a few more times!
And obviously, there was a shower after the gym because it was still super hot in the gym.

Then, continuing with my schedule, I went to the pool. I did make sure people told me I still had to go to the pool, even though I swam 2 days in a row... so to the pool I went, even though I was on my own. Someone who shall remain nameless (and is one of my 8 readers) keeps falling off of her bike and needs to stop!!! I am so getting you a hologram bracelet for the holidays!
Anyway, she couldn't make it, I am assuming someone else was still in Clearwater after her 14th place finish at the 70.3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Yes, someone I know was 14th, and 100th OVERALL. IN THE WORLD!
Anyway, back to me. I SWAM! By myself. And of course, that means another shower.

So, 1 day, 2 workouts, 3 showers. For the first time, I feel like I am in training. And it makes me very happy.

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