Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm At About 50/50

A few weeks ago I sent Coach a schedule. It was my ideal of what I would be doing from now until Jan/Feb when we really started working together. He made a few changes, but overall was okay with it. And I have been okay with following the said schedule, but Turkey day and random outings really threw me off. Oh, and of course being sick for a week.

Since being sick, and Turkey day, I ate a lot of leftover pie, did some shopping on Black Friday, and caught up on some sleep.

But Saturday, I got up and sat on my bike on the trainer for 45 before brunch. APPROVED!
Sunday I was out and walked to the grocery store, and walked to the river, and walked to the harbor. It was close to 12 miles. YES, 12 MILES!!!
Monday, yesterday, it was a swim day. I told EVERYONE that I was going to swim, even thought I couldn't get anyone to swim with me. I figured if I told EVERYONE that I was going to swim, I would go. I got home from work, packed my swim bag, got to Marcus, stopped by the dry cleaners, picked up my dry cleaning, and drove home. I just could NOT get my self to go to the pool. I couldn't. Just.Could.Not. BUT, I did sit on my bike trainer again for another 45 minutes. And it was good, I felt good. Because I would be lying if I said that 12 miles of walking didn't hurt. If you don't believe me - you try walking 12 miles!!

Anyhoo, today was YOGA STEVE! But, not Steve, some other random chick. she was okay, but no Yoga Steve. Way more of a cardio yoga class than I prefer. I get my cardio from other places and therefore prefer my yoga to concentrate on my core and stretching. But he will be back next week.

BUT, my favorite part of the day - when I came out of yoga class, I saw my friend Scott on the treadmill. He was having a though time and asked for help for his last 5 minutes. Of course I hopped on the t-mill next to him and just started talking. It was one of those times where word vomit actually was the best thing someone could ask for. Something, ANYTHING to distract from what you do not want to be doing. I was more than happy to help out.

And that is why I am about 50/50 on my schedule. I am TRYING.

I know I need to step up, but I am just not there. I am not sure if it's because I am not 100% on my schedule, or I have some mental block of the fact I have finished one, or if there is some other issue I am not dealing with... Who knows... I just hope I am not digging my self a hole I can't get out of.

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The Ninth Reader said...

There is no try, only do! *kof* I seem to be having the same problem lately where I'll do about 50% of my intended workouts for the week and beat myself up about the rest of it. I'm starting a (frightening) half marathon program on Saturday, so I'm hoping having a formal schedule and weekly group workouts will keep me accountable. (Also the threat of 13.1 miles in March should be an excellent motivator...)