Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yesterday Was GOOD!

I haven't run in a long time. Yes, I was sick. Yes, it was turkey day. Yes, I prefer sitting on my bike. Yes, those are all excuses.

BUT, I have all these new things to think about while running, so I don't really mind as much as I once did. I am still off my schedule for one reason (excuse) or another, but I knew yesterday had to be a run day. So I put it on my calendar - actually Charles put it on my calendar, and off we went to the treadmills.

It would have been the perfect day to skip.
I, and please don't laugh, can't find my running shoes. I SEARCHED my apartment in the morning with no luck, so I figured they were at work. When I got in, nope - no running shoes. They have to be somewhere, with my special inserts, I am just not sure where. Also, Charles didn't have his stuff. Luckily he lives 3 minutes away from the office so I sent him home to get stuff. This was a no excuses day!

On our way down to the gym, I had to make sure Charles and I didn't match. I H.A.T.E the matchie match. And apparently, there are a few blog posts about that. We were both in blue, but it was okay.
So, I change, get on a treadmill, and I see Charles, who will now be known as Mr. Shorty Shorts. I tried to do a stick figure drawing as I have in the past - but it was not doing the situation justice. And I think it's better for all involved to let imaginations flow on this one...

Anyway, it was hump day hills for Mr. Shorty Shorts and I wanted to work in cadence again.
About 5 minutes into our workouts, Mr. Shorty Shorts and I got treadmills next to each other and we had our plan. He would do hills for a minute, recover for a minute while I would match is cadence (which he can keep while running up the treadmill hill) and try to maintain the faster turnover while he was on a minute recovery, and match back up on his next hill.

Overall, for the little over a mile, it worked! I was, for the most part, able to maintain the faster cadence during his recovery. YAY ME! My legs were beat after that mile, but I was really happy. I spent the rest of the time working on the lean/light touch/and floppy feet when needed. Also, there were many time where I wanted to walk, but didn't because it was matching Mr. Shorty Shorts's recovery. Yay for pushing myself and it feeling good :-)

I would also like to say a specially hello to my Ninth Reader! Good luck with your half marathon program starting on Saturday!! Weekly "set" schedules always seem to help!!


ObliviousScout said...

I'm somewhat disappointed you were unable to come up with an illustration so your readers could appreciate just how short my shorts were. We'll have to work on that.

The Ninth Reader said...

*waves back* Thank you! And yay for good days!

Shannon said...