Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's A Quiet Day

It is 4 days before Christmas so it's pretty quiet in the office. I am not leaving until the 24th, so that means it's the perfect time to blog about the weekend.

Friday was date night with Karen. Swimming, yoga, dinner. And as I mentioned, I was still pretty stuffed up from the cold I had (and still am) so I was glad I made her lead. A LOT of stuff came out of my nose, so it was a good thing that pool was full of chlorine!! I only got in about 1600, which I was happy with. My lungs hurt - which they never do swimming, so I was glad I didn't push it.
Yoga was okay - and she was NO yoga Steve. I did the best I could with the poses and not coughing.
And of course dinner was great. As Karen and I each headed home, we realized most people we saw were going out - ahhhh, the life we lead...

Saturday was a triathlon filled day.
I had my last board meeting with the 2010 board. It was a great year, we got a lot accomplished, and I was very happy to be part of a great group of people. I also ran for the 2011 board, was elected, ran for vice president, and was also selected for the position. I am very VERY excited.
That meeting was followed by our club wide annual meeting, and our Kona viewing party. I just LOVE watching Kona. It is currently on my DVR too and will be watched again and again as I am on my trainer...

Sunday was 3 hour spin again. And I did wear my Power Balance Band and I did NOT fall off my bike this time. WOO-Hoo!! It works!! HA!
And, those are hard classes. By the end, the only thing I could say was "I love you Rob" because I hated him so much. Everything was hurting. I know they are good for me, which is why I say I love you and not I hate you, but still. At that moment, I hated him. (But not really.)

And yesterday. This is how I know things are changing. I chose to swim instead of stay at the bar. SHOCKING, I know, I know... Especially because Bri wasn't able to join me, so I went by myself. Instead of drinking.

Yup - times are changing. Again. And I like it.

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