Monday, December 27, 2010

Still Not Fun

I just don't like treadmills. I mean, I don't mind them. They are a ton better than running outside in the cold/ice/wind/snow/extreme heat/nighttime, but they are still not my favorite. And I think I discovered why - I still don't like running. The shiny new experience R gave me a few months ago is gone. Yes, I still focus on the things I am supposed to, and that is nice, but I just don't like running.

Today I went with my bf Suzie to her gym. Even though I did the treadmill yesterday, it was her day on the treadmill, and there were 2 next to each other, so to the treadmill I went. Again.

It was a lot better having someone to chat with, especially someone I haven't seen in 6 months. But I did spend a good portion of the time complaining, whining, and asking when we would be done.

Suzie thought this was very funny as she has a 13 month old who cries less than I do. AND, she was at IM Moo '08 and knows what I am capable of doing. But of course, I was glad I went for the painful 2.5 miles and used that to justify the huge brunch I had with the rest of our HS friends at our semi-annual gab fest.

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