Sunday, December 26, 2010

That Wasn't Fun...

Well, it's the day after Christmas (i.e. lots of eating) so I took myself to the gym. I just wanted to do a simple, easy, 30-40 minute treadmill run. I haven't been on the treadmill for a few weeks now, or without Mr. Shorty Shorts (i.e. Charles in case the 9 of you forgot who Mr. Shorty Shorts is), so I knew it would be a bit difficult.

I headed to the local gym, purchased a day pass (only $12!!!) and hopped on a treadmill. My goal was to work on my lean and to have a light touch on the ground, while doing a 5:1 for 30 plus minutes.
The first set was great. The second set was okay.
Something happened during the third set. I started getting a bit queasy and thinking about all the food from yesterday: my favorite cheesy potato side dish, my aunt's cheese vegetables, the strawberry cheesecake... I had to stop the run set and walk because I thought I might actually 'litter' all over the treadmill. Not.Cool. And I don't think that has ever happened before so it was a surprise to me.
The walking helped and I made it through the fourth set - just a lot slower than the first two.
And the last set. Well, I was sweating so much that I think I short circuited my headphones. I have a super cute pink shuffle and the headphones control is on the right side of the ear buds. Towards the end of the last set, the songs started to jump around and I couldn't control the volume. Oops. I was sweating a lot, but I didn't think so much where I would ruin my headphones...

Hopefully they will be better for tomorrow's workout. Yes, I will be going to the gym tomorrow as well!! LOOK AT ME GO! :-)

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