Sunday, August 15, 2010


That is how I feel about today's race. Let me explain.

After a traffic filled uneventful drive up to Delaware on Saturday, Mary Elizabeth and I meet up with Brooke and Diane at the hotel. We promptly drove the bike course and made fun of Mary Elizabeth for saying it was flat when there was 1 bridge overpass and a few tiny bumps (I can't even call them rollers). Our first choice for dinner wasn't an option, so we went for the second best choice - Matildas. Nothing says pre race dinner like an Australian pub!

After a lovely dinner with the most friendly waiter I have ever had, we were back at the hotel from some rest and relaxation - aka black jack and poker, played with Peanut M&M's and Skittles. This was a bit complicated because I ate all the red, orange and purple Skittles, while others were after the M&M's. After Brooke won the hand she said to Diane "What does that tell you"
Diane - "It tells me I should have eaten them when I had the chance." And that is how our pre-race day went.

Race Day!
Another 4:30 am wake up call. 'Nuf said.
We got there nice and early to do packet pick up and set up our transition areas. All pretty low key.

I gave my watch to Mary Elizabeth for her Du, so I went into the swim not knowing how I would do when I was done. Turns out, ignorance is bliss.
I felt really good in the water. Nice strong swim strokes, good sighting, was towards the front of my wave, passed people from the 2 waves in front of me. I hopped on my bike feeling really good.
My time - AGAIN, not good for me. This was my slowest 100M split yet! I really can't keep blaming long courses, but my times are ALL OVER THE PLACE between the swims, tri's and AV's. But, I was still in the top 4th, which is where I normally am, so I guess it's okay.

F.L.A.T!! That means fast. My goal was to spend as much time in aero as possible and push it. It was about 19.5 miles of FLAT. I also wanted to have better nutrition so I ate a bit more and drank more than last week.
I pushed it and I stayed in aero. Overall, I think it all worked pretty well for me as I finished in 1:04 and averaged around 18 mph! Woot!!

I wanted to push the run a bit more than I normally do, but also knew I just pushed the bike. My legs can only handle so much... I started with my run 1 minute, walk 1 minute. I felt good so I started running 5-10 seconds earlier and go 5-10 seconds longer. It may not seem like much, but I think it was. And I tried to concentrate on my form, use the proper muscles efficiently.
But here's the deal; I don't believe the time. Well, the distance really. And my GPS data backs me up. I think the course was at least 0.2 miles short.
BUT, if I just look at my GPS data or knock down the 3 miles a bit, I either have my second or third fastest minute/mile split EVER for a triathlon (and that's out of 16).

This means that for me this was my:
Fastest bike split.
Top 2nd or 3rd run split.
Slowest swim split (but second in my division out of 15).

Even though the course was FLAT with perfect weather conditions (low 80's, cloudy, no humidity, no wind, a few drops of rain on the bike and run to cool off) and I feel my swim is right where it should be, this was a great race.

Thanks to Mary Elizabeth (who placed 3rd in her division in the Du!), Brooke (who started 5 minutes after me and my goal was to not have her catch me - it was close!!) and Diane (who is now officially a triathlete) for making the race even better.

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