Friday, August 6, 2010

Good Story!

I am in Cleveland! And guess what? It ROCKS! I have already consumed the amount of calories I will be burning off on Sunday, but it was worth it. Who knew that Cleveland had such a cute Little Italy with the best cannolis I have ever had!

In addition to having a great dinner and dessert, I was also told a story I am going to do my best to type out.

A woman was going through a hard time and her friend asked her how she was doing. She picked up a rock, and threw it into a calm lake. She said "See how the lake is disrupted with the ripples and waves? It's bad now, but the ripples will eventually fad away and the lake will become calm again. However, that rock is now part of the lake, and always will be. That is how I feel. This situation will always be a part of me, but all will be calm again, in time."

Something about that story stuck with me. Whether a situation is good or bad, it is now a part of you, and in time, things will calm again.

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