Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Home For 10 Hours

After a wonderful 5 days in New England, Karen and I headed back to DC today. It was a fun ride back. We caravanned with Hans, Casey and Lindsey - which was really helpful. As Karen said, she wasn't the best sidekick, but it was all good. She did bring a book on tape, so that was fun to listen to on the drive - even though I don't know how it ended... So as sidekicks go - between the snacks, book on tape, amazing gas mileage car, I think Karen was a great 'side kick'.

But now, I am now unpacking to repack - including some bike stuff. I am renting a bike in Colorado and am taking my pedals - after Danny was a huge help to remove them, as I failed multiple times. It's helpful to have bike knowledgeable friends. Anyway, I have a cab coming for me at 5:15 so I must stop typing.

Eventually, this post will have a collage of the "Welcome to ____" states we drove through. Some are missing, but I will figure something out. Until then, here is a picture of the house I had to leave...

Next post - (hopefully) from Colorado!

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