Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm In New Hampshire!!!

What a fun 2 days. They have been an early 2 days - which really isn't fair when you are on vacation, but whatever.

Karen picked me up at 6 on Friday to start our adventure north. We packed up the car and were on the road by 6:15. I had my coffee and did my best to be a good shot gun rider. Karen is an awesome road trip partner as she had a bag of snacks ready to go. AND some of the little baggies (she knows my portion control issues) had my name on them. Woot!

We flew through Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey (and flew without speeding!!). Made it in and out of New York. And stopped to Connecticut by 10:45. Why? EZ Pass. It's the best and every time we went through the EZ Pass lane Karen yelled "APPROVED!" Also, we realized that we totally lucked out with traffic and had some extra time. Neither one of us had been to Rhode Island, so we went to Providence for lunch!! Who does that? WE DO!!

After walking around Federal Hill, we headed to Toby's parents house for dinner and to spend the night. Oh, that was in Massachusetts. That's 6 states and a district for me, 7 states and a district for Karen (she lives in Virginia, but I don't hold it against her).

This morning we got up early so Karen, Toby and Casey could do a little ride. Because Blain is at home, I didn't ride and learned from Hans how to properly clean my bike. Blain will be happy. We packed up the cars with more food from Costco and headed into New Hampshire.

I have to say, this going to a race and not racing - VERY FUN!! We got to the check in and everyone was running around getting numbers, finding safety pins, going to pre race meetings, and I just sat back, healed people's stuff, and looked at all the pretty scenery. Plus, Sandy and Lindsey got me a sweet sherpa present AND I bought my self one too.
But now I have to go bed because we are getting up at 3 to be on the road by 3:30 so we can get a good parking spot. I plan on taking a nap while everyone is riding.

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