Thursday, August 12, 2010

Being Lazy Paid Off!

I don't know what is going around this town, but someone 'higher up' is not happy with us. As DCist put it
"Phew: so it looks like D.C. might have missed the brunt of the second wave, though Northern Virginia is getting pounded as we type. But has it been an insane day, or what? Massive rain. Flooding and damage. Power outages and Metro closures. Flames shooting out of the ground in Dupont Circle. Tornado watches to the south of us. A suspicious package (of course). Demon teddy bears, even! We at DCist would like to take this opportunity to apologize to whatever forces-that-be that are behind all of this for whatever it is we did to piss you off. Please don't cancel Fort Reno on us, 'kay?"

The storms and metro closures greatly affected me this morning (the above pic is of Rock Creek Park). As I mentioned yesterday, I have been really tired. So instead of emailing around about the typical Thursday morning ride, I decided to stay silent. If I don't say I am going, I am not bailing (even if it's expected I am there...). I was woken up by claps of thunder and flickering blots of lightening. Thank goodness I was not on my bike!! (and from what I hear, everyone who was biking was okay.) Once I got out of bed, I heard my metro was closed due to a power outage and flooding. Let's just say it took quite awhile to get to work...

Because I missed my run yesterday, and skipped my bike (thankfully) this morning, it was off to the treadmill today. No excuses.

I hopped on and was feeling pretty good when I hit 4 minutes - my normal walk break time. I was not tired or fatigued as I normally would be. So I kept going. And a bit faster. I kept working on my form and cadence and was feeling really good. Don't get me wrong, I was forming a puddle of sweat around me, but I felt really good. I made it 20 minutes without a walk break! And my goal quickly became a 5K. And guess what, I made it!! A 5K in 38 minutes with 1 one minute walk break!! To put it in perspective, I did my 5K in Richmond in 44:36.

I know today's run was not after a swim and a bike, and was on a treadmill (controlled speed) but I would to call this run "PROGRESS".

So, thanks to my laziness yesterday and this morning, I had a great run. WOOT!

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