Monday, August 9, 2010

Because I Like Pain

I am going to swim practice. I have been disappointed in my swims lately, so I figured I better go.

Yes, I did just get out of my car after a 7+ hour drive back from Cleveland after my International distance tri, but as Toby said "You're totally coming. We discussed this last Monday :) After a long travel trip there is nothing better than to stretch out in the pool!!!"

But here is the problem, Toby makes me do the entire workout (which I wrote) and I have a feeling her swimmer friend will be there too. That is not a "stretch" swim.

Blah. I better go and change so I am not late... But if I am late, maybe I can skip part of the workout...

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Carolina said...

yeah, I did something similar myself - I flew in from Colombia Sunday night, got to my apt at around 1 am, went to work Monday, and then joined Sandy and Alejandro for a swim at W&L. It wasn't a pretty swim for me, but I'm glad I did it anyway.