Friday, August 27, 2010


That's my number!

I am all checked in and ready to go for Iron Girl Boulder. So far, it's been a fun trip.

Yesterday, I got in and Molly picked me up. We headed to downtown Boulder for some looking around and shopping which turned into one of my favorite thing - margaritas and queso! I can't help it, people know what I like...
Oh, and Molly made me bike there. I think she is out to get me and make me even more tired for tomorrow so she can kick my butt even more!
It was actually a good thing to help me get used to the altitude a bit faster, but still. I am not used to casual riding.
And after a lovely dinner Molly made, I was off to bed. I did make it until 9, so I thought that was a success.

Today I woke up promptly at 4. I forced my self back to sleep for 2 more hours and tossed and turned another 2. Molly's friend Katie arrived and after breakfast we headed to pick up my rental bike. I sat in the back with this bike, trying to bond. Katie named him Sapphire - and I knew immediately I would like this girl and why she was friends with Molly. Plus we bonded at the REI sale.

We headed to the Boulder reservoir to do packet pick up and as we pulled into the parking lot, Molly told the woman we were here for the event, who which her response "Awesome". And we drove off. I love the fact that the woman's response was just "Awesome". So Boulder, as Molly said.

Once all that was done, it was time to properly fit Sapphire. After I got him to a decent fit, the three of us headed our for a ride. Roughly 10 miles and I had enough. It was a bit harder than I should have gone, but I didn't want to embarrass my self in front of Molly or Katie - so I went a bit harder when I was leading (so I could set the pace) and tried to stay on Molly's wheel when she was leading. Smart - no. But I think we established that I don't always make smart decisions.

So now, Mimi is on her way over (coming up from Colorado Springs) and it will be another early wake up call. But, hopefully it won't be too bad for me as I have the 2 hour time difference that I am not adjust to yet. I just need to get rid of this headache - due to this silly altitude thing... I miss being at sea level.

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