Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Very Long Race Report

The night before
It was a dark and stormy night... Really, it was! Brianna and I met up with Tony and Nicole for our pre race dinner at Fresh Market. Just a nice relaxing evening with a lot of funny stories. Brianna and I got back to the hotel, I finalized plans with Karen, and we started listening to the thunder. Poor Blain! All those bikes - just getting poured on...

Pre start
The alarm went off at 5, not that early, and Karen and I were off to transition. Now it was really wet, and dark, so parking in a large field with no one telling you where to go seemed a bit problematic for some. There was a white jeep/outback/bronco vehicle stuck in a large hole. NOT a good sign for things to come for that guy! But Marcus was great, we found a spot without a massive hole or mud and after I splashed some coffee in my eye, we were off to transition.

Still super crowded, not enough room, but made it work. We only had enough time to take 1 pic with our banner - and couldn't find anyone else. Oh well, it was the thought that counts, right? After a long port-o-pottie line, we were off to the swim start. It was still cloudy, but warm. The pros went off at 7:30, I started wetsuit shuffle, and Karen and I were off to wait with the other pink caps. I kept looking for Nicole (the wave after ours), Christina (in the very last wave) or Brianna (3??? waves behind us) but no luck. Before I knew it, we were heading down the ramp to jump into the Savanna river. I was really happy to be in the same wave with Karen - it definitely helped the nerves.

The swim
8:14 and we were off. E, a guy from the club we saw on Saturday, told us to go right to the middle of the river and ride the current down. So, I cut the angle towards the middle and rode the current down. I kept telling my self to relax, long and powerful strokes, and breath. There was so much gunk in that river! Yes, it was plant life, but still! Eww! At one point, I was convinced a baby alligator nipped my big toe and was taking a free ride! But realistically, I am sure it was just someone hitting my foot. Oh mind games!
I finished the swim looked at my watch, smiled (contrary to this picture), laughed, and walked the ramp up to T1.
28:50 (1:31/100M). Never will I ever go that fast again! Unless it's another point to point down river swim.

I'm slow. I like to take my time. I decided to change tops and go for the bike jersey, as I was cold and it was still cloudy.

Ha! Within 5 minutes, Karen caught me, I shared our estimated swim time and she was on her way. About 10 minutes later, Brianna F.L.Y.S by me. I couldn't even get an "Woo-Hoo, go girl" before she was out of ear shot!
The first 17 miles were flatie flat flat flat. I kept telling my self to slow down, it's a long day, hills are coming, it's only the fisrt hour. I was planning on a full 4 hours so even though I was at mile 17, I told my self I was 1/4th of the way done. A good mental game for me. The hills came and went. There were a few downhills to right hand turns to uphills. A few twisty downhills I couldn't take full advantage of. And one never ending slow, long small percentage uphill. Those stink! But, there were my favorite downhills right into uphills where I can use all my speed to pass people going up and staying in my big ring. Love those!

The sun came out about 75 minutes into the ride and I started getting hot, but was manageable. The stinky part about the ride was the last 6 miles was supposed to be a downhill, and it was, except right into a head wind
:-( Boo!

Overall, I was really REALLY happy with my bike. I held back just enough to not bonk but don't think I would have done much different to go faster. I like that feeling. And 15.88 mph. Woo-Hoo to me!

Stupid 1255! 1255, if you some how come across this blog, I would like an apology please for putting your stupid bike where Blain was supposed to go. That caused me AT LEAST a minute trying to figure out what to do and where Blain could fit. You're dumb!
Otherwise, it was fine. I changed (I really don't like running in biking shorts and I don't like biking in tri shorts - it's an issue I am okay with), grabbed some electrolyte tablets and luna moons, and I was off.

The Run - or shall I say walk.
The first half mile I was just trying to adjust to the heat and being off the bike. I set my watch for a 1:1 run/walk to start. By mile 2, I knew that wasn't going to happen. I wanted to cut off my right foot because I thought I would have less pain with a bloody stump. I immediately altered my plan to cover 3 things -

1. Keep moving forward
2. Walk with a purpose
3. Run for the photographers

This helped a ton. Around mile 3 I started to run a block, walk a block. I was getting really hot and doing everything I could to keep the body temperature. Mile 5 I saw Karen's mom and sister napping on some chairs so instantly started to yell at them for not cheering for me. HA!
Around mile 7 I was trotting along when Brianna biked by (vs. me seeing her and start to run). She doubled backed and told me she went under 4:50 (ridiculously fast) and was waiting to hear about Clearwater (a sad no. I still don't know how you can be that fast and not get a spot...). She was so supportive, told me to keep going, and the end was near.
Mile 8 I stared to cool down - the sponges (I gave my first one away at mile 2 to a guy "littering" - he needed it way more than me) and ice in the bra (whoever gave me that tip years ago, THANK YOU!) helped a ton. I started to fade quickly. Mile 9, there was no more running. Mile 10, only a 5K left and I realized that I could finish under 8 hours. Mile 11 I saw Nicole across the street (about 7 blocks behind me) and she looked great!

I just kept moving forward, turned the corner, and crossed the finish line.

Post race
My name wasn't announced as the guy had to start giving out awards, but I received my finishers medal and was ecstatic. I saw Tony (who PR'ed) and Karen (also a PR) and was just happy. Sore and tired, but really happy. Until I learned they ran out of pizza. So, I settled for the next best thing, a beer. We relaxed, did get some pizza, and I FINALLY go to take off my shoes.

All things considered, I am really happy with the day.

Thanks to everyone who helped me decide to do the race (or not) - hearing all the options helped me determine what I really wanted to do. This race helped turn around my 2009 season, and year.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Am A Half Ironman (again)!!!

Wow, what a day. I have to start out by saying that I am shocked. And I don't say this very often, but I am very proud of my self. I will do a full race report later, however I wanted to post and say that I finished!!

I am way sore, but really happy.

And the cliff notes -
Swim - WICKED fast (for me)! 28.50!! I was really happy
T1. Very slow, but I like taking my time
Bike - Shocked. 3:31:35 - 15.88 mph. My fastest bike split for a long course! It had some hills and ended with a head wind, but overall, not as bad as I expected. And I was really REALLY happy with how Blain handled the South Carolina roads. YAY!
T2. 1255 PUT HER BIKE IN MY SPOT! That is my excuse for having such a long T2. Not my costume change or general taking my time. It was 1255's fault.
"Run" - as expected. 3:25:18 (15:40 min/miles). Yup, walking. But, I knew that would happen, was okay with it, and just glad to finish.

Overall 7:39:33.
Everyone else
Brianna - smoken' time (4:45!!!), but no Clearwater :-(
Tony - PR!! And an amazing time. Just fast.
Nicole - First 70.3 and beat my time! So proud
Karen - Under 7 hours - a PR for her. Great Job!
Christina - First 70.3, finish, even though was in the last wave (i.e. very mentally tough). So happy for her - even if I missed seeing her finish - sorry!!!

Full race report later this week. Am driving back to DC tomorrow and the U2 concert (hopefully) on Tuesday.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

70.3 Tomorrow!!!

I am as ready as I will ever be!!

Blain is checked in and ready to go. And yes, that is Blain's cousin Wayne, RIGHT next to him. I hope his owner doesn't get confused and try to take Blain! Oh, and 1 big negative on this race - 9, that's right NINE bikes to a rack. There is ZERO room for all my costume changes.

The swim is a point to point - down stream - aka UberFast!!! You could see the current and I am hoping all goes well. 1.2 miles looks far from standing on the dock, but I know that will be the easy part.

The bike is hilly - hopefully it will Blain will be okay and I won't be too dead.

The run - I will walk.

So, those are my goals. Oh, and of course to have fun.

Oh, and to have tonight's roomie, Brianna, qualify for Clearwater.

And to have Mother Nature cooperate. Okay, that one (or Brianna) I can't really control - but I and hope. Having fun - that I can control :-)

Friday, September 25, 2009

It Getting Hot In Here...

Augusta is HOT! Actually, as soon as I left Virginia (i.e. made it to North Carolina) I just watched the temperature gauge on Marcus go up and up and up. But, after a nice uneventful drive, I made it to Augusta.

Went to the race meeting and about 2/3's of the people had 140.6, 70.3, this race, that race, shirts. I don't know why, but it bothers me. There is no need to show your feathers!!

Anyway, I made I found Tony and Nicole and it was good to catch up with them. Saw Karen, was branded with a orange bracelet, 70.3 stamp, grabbed our packets and went to dinner with her and her mother and sister. Had a tasty dinner of baked spaghetti and a side salad and headed back to the hotel. Karen and her mom/sister are staying in my hotel room tonight - and as a thank you, they made me agoodie bag!!! HOW SWEET!!! Delicious snacks, the good hair ties, noise makers (and NOT a cow bell) and sweet smelling body wash. Remember the goodie bags my mom made for IM Moo?? LOVE IT!

Oh, and I am number 1252!! Karen is 1377 - which in a strange twist was her same number at Eagleman. A sign she will kick some butt!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

And Taper Means...

Via my favorite and most reliable source, Wikipedia

"Tapering, in the context of "Sports", refers to the practice of reducing, or tapering off, exercise in the days just before an important competition"

Great in theory. It's hard to go from really intense weeks, long hours in the pool, on the bike, around a track - to very little, but it's needed. You must trust the taper. Be one with the taper. See how nice that is in theory?!?!

Here is what I realized today. I have worked out more this week than the past two weeks combined. HAHAHAHA!!! Okay, not total time or distance - but close. And definitely more quantity of 'workouts' - even if they were shorter.

Oh well - I am still not going to "race" Augusta. I am going to participate, have fun, and (hopefullly) not die. And if I may quote my friend Tammy (who I didn't ask if I could quote her so hopefully she doesn't mind) who just finished her first 70.3 (Woot!) and will be doing IM Flordia with - along with Sandy (i.e. will blog about them a lot in the coming year)

  • I injured my hip while running and was still experiencing problems in the weeks leading up to race. I wisely decided not to race against the clock. My revised goal was simple - to cross both the start and the finish lines, and hopefully not need crutches after the race. I think this new attitude liberated me. I did not have my usual pre-race jitters or mini-mental meltdowns in the days and weeks leading up to Patriots.
Such a wise woman that Tammy.

I am driving down tomorrow. My plan is to bring my laptop so I can keep you 9 (yes, up to 9 now that I know the S. King is reading my blog again) readers up to date.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunrise to Sunset

That was my workout schedule for today.

A bit silly to get up at 5:40 am, meet at Hains Point at 6:30 for only a 30 minute ride (via the training schedule I have been so *cough* diligently *cough* following...) but I went anyway. Partly because I told Travis I would go if it wasn't raining. Partly because I told Karen I would go if it wasn't raining. Partly because I went out for ciders and a (delicious) burger last night with Mary Elizabeth - and said I would go if it wasn't raining. So of course when I woke up, it wasn't raining, and I went. But also because I knew I needed at least one more ride before Augusta.

Another beautiful sky morning with all the pretty colors followed by amazing sunrise (must have been the really high humidity...) And another good ride. Mary Elizabeth and I started out. Karen got there a tad later. Travis flew by - which Karen and I thought it would be 'fun' to try and draft off of him - the 500 meters just about killed me. He is really fast. But it was a good 40 minutes.

I got home and decided my couch looked lonely. So, I laid down for about 5 minutes - which turned into an hour - which turned into me being a tad late for work. Oops.

After a full day at the office, I headed the new Wilson Aquatic Center. I have to say, it's pretty sweet. Mayor Fenty - nice job with my tax dollars!!

A quick and easy 1800 meters and I was on my way home.

Short workouts, but I am on my taper so, it's allowed. I mean, you are allowed to taper even if you didn't have the high intensity workouts - right???

Monday, September 21, 2009

Umm... That's not a good sign

Today was a run day. That would make my 3rd run since August 2nd... I stopped by Charles's cube to see if he was heading out today. He was so we headed out together at lunch in non-matchie match outfits. As we started, I quickly realized that my 2 strides to his 1 (he has really long legs) wore me down much faster than before (once again, yes, this was only my 3rd run since August and probably 5th run since June...).

I needed to walk sooner than I would have liked, and Charles stuck with me. We avoided the police/secret service/Capitol police (and whatever else was going on) and made it to The Mall. After a bit more run/walking I sent Charles on his way. It's what we do - he goes off, I turn around and his goal is to catch back up with me. And he always does.

But, bless his heart, he said I was much further than he expected me to be. Not sure if it was a lie, but it's what I needed to hear and made me feel better about the wog.

So, yup - I am a bit frightened for Sunday. In 5 days. 70.3 miles is a long way.

BUT, I think I am ready - or as ready as I can be at this point. Even though the wog was tough, when I walked my heart rate dropped quickly and I felt I recovered nicely. Knowing I am going to walk more than half the 13.1 definitely helps. And I am in this for fun, and I think it will be fun.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why So Tired?

Um, I am a bit confused.

There is a 3 hour time difference between San Diego and DC. So when I went to bed last night around 11 (or 8 pm San Diego time), I thought I would be okay to wake up naturally at a decent time. Nope, I woke up, rolled over, and it was 10. Wow, I don't remember the last time I slept until 10.

So I rolled out of bed, got dressed and took Blain out for a ride. An okay 25 miles but I was dragging. After a shower and some lunch - it was nap time. I headed to the grocery store, unpacked my stuff, and took another nap. I made some breakfasts and lunches for the next few days, and I am exhausted.

Not sure why - if it's all the travel, actually trying to workout again... who knows but I am off to bed for hopefully another blissful night's sleep on my wonderful bed.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm Back


Seriously, these trips are getting hard. They throw off my schedule. It's hard to eat right. And this one wasn't me teaching a class, it was meetings. So I had breakfast meetings, lunch meetings, drinks after the meetings meetings, and dinner meetings. It was basically non stop from 7 am to 10 pm.

But San Diego was beautiful. Look at the view from my room! 1 morning I didn't have to meet with anyone and managed a slow wag (walk/jog - thank Diane for the new word). It was nice to get outside for a bit and enjoy the California air - even if it was for only 45 minutes.

By Friday afternoon my boss felt sorry for me and gave me the afternoon off. I had a few hours before a dinner meeting, so I hopped a boat to Coronado Island. After some pizza and a cupcake, I rented a bike to go see the island. I did send a mental note to Blain and Carlos that I would have much rather had them along to enjoy the ride. As comfortable as this cruiser was supposed to be, I am not a fan. It was odd to sit up straight - and kind of hurt my triceps. Also, it's much harder to start/stop now without clips... who knew...
But it was nice to be out, relax, and enjoy being in California.

Overall, I was there Sunday to Saturday and had about 4 hours to my self when I wasn't sleeping. But those 4 hours were wonderful.

And as many of you know, I work in Economics. My meeting wasn't about the global economy, however someone sent me this picture and I had to post. It's funny because it's true.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Off to San Diego

Well, another week, another work trip. And another hotel that makes me pay for Internet - which i won't do. I downloaded this app to my iPhone, so I may post, and add pictures (and spell check) later.

Have a great week !

Saturday, September 12, 2009

50. Nice

I needed today. My goal was 50 and I rode around in the parking lot until my bike computer said 50. I also rode up by the Mormon Temple - twice, to get in some hill work.

Was I tired? Yes.
Did it hurt? Yes.
Do I feel better about Augusta? Kind of...

Next week I will be in San Diego and have very little time to work out. I just hope I have made the right decision. Wait, scratch that - I know I have made the right decision, now it's just believing that I made the right decision.

Good luck to all doing Nations!!! Sorry I won't be there this year to had out water.

Friday, September 11, 2009


To my 8 readers (Up from 7; E - thanks commenting and good luck in IM Moo 2010!!!), you are all probably aware that I have a little race called Augusta 70.3 coming up in 15 days. It's listed on the right side of the blog under 2009 races. Yes, it's still there and, I am still contemplating participating in the race.

Due to a few other circumstances, both Janel and Rose are no longer doing the race. However Karen, Tony and Nicole, Christina, and a few others are still heading down. I e-mailed a bunch of them with my inner monologue that went something like this
"I am trying to listen to my gut. I tell my self I am going down, I get nervous about how out of shape I am and know I will just get mad at my self for not doing what I know I should be able to do. So I tell my self I am not going, and I get mad at my self for not even giving it a shot - and letting the rest of you down. So I tell my self I will go down and get disappointed about my endurance level and the cycle continues."

I received many e-mails to both go and not go, and for that I am very thankful. I even received a few phone calls that made me laugh (Tony :-).
I talked to a few others, people who know me and remind me of how I will really react to a poor showing/DNF vs. not going at all. There have been many pro/con lists written. Countless thoughts, looking at all the possible options and scenarios I can think of, the $$$ factor, the injury factor, etc.

But overall, there is one thing I keep coming back to... I don't quit. Never have, don't plan on it now. I am not talking about the 5K's, 10K's I have signed up for and not done. I am talking about serious commitments to races. 70.3 miles is a long way and I need to respect the distance. I was sore after a 2.2 mile "run" and a 16.5 mile ride the next day - so I know that when I attempt this race on the 27th, it's going to hurt. There is a good chance I don't finish the ride as I haven't ridden 56 miles since May. BUT - I HAVE to try. I just do. I can't explain it.

So now that the decision is made, I am working on my mental game. The swim should kick some butt because it's a point to point, down river (SWEET!). The bike is a bit hillier than I am ready for, but I will do one more long-ish ride tomorrow (40-50 miles) and throw in some extra hills for practice. If I make it that far and still feel good, I know I walk the majority of the run, so this race will be no different. I am just hoping the new shoes/inserts are ready for 13.1 miles.

I feel good about my decision. I am planning on a lot of "What if's" right now - to help mentally prep and most of them are centered around not finishing, but there is also "What if I do finish?" Then this shiny medal will be mine. But if I don't, that's okay too - because I will know I did my best, I tried, and I didn't quit.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

5:30 AM Is Early

Especially when you might have had an extra glass of wine the night before.
And even more so when you have a nice new bed that you want to take full advantage of enjoying.

But no, there was no rain, it was 65 degrees - basically no excuse (the two listed above were weak) to not get out of bed and go biking. So I did. And again, it is actually pretty nice to get moving that early. Mary Elizabeth and I biked a few laps around Hains Point and even though I was a bit too tired for conversation, it is always nice to have someone there.

I may never be a morning person, but watching the sunrise in DC while on a ride, it's a pretty good way to start the day.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

See, No More Excuses

Today started off wonderfully. Would you like to know why??? It was the first night in my glorious new bed. A Serta perfect sleeper - firm, but with a pillow top. It's wonderful. I really hope this helps with the back issues. Besides, my mattress was getting really old and flipping it was doing nothing. A new one was much needed.

So when I woke up from a glorious nights sleep, I thought "ya know, I really should try running again." As I was getting ready for the day, I packed up my stuff and was ready to go for a run during lunch.

After a productive morning at work, I was about to head to the gym when I realized I forgot one key item - a towel. However, I did not let that stop me - I would have in the past, it was a perfect excuse to not workout during lunch! Instead, I went to Jess, who tends to always have what I have forgotten - and I was off to the gym.

I was no Usain Bolt. I wasn't even a baby cheetah just learning to run. But I was on the treadmill for 30 minutes, and more than just walking. The good news, only a few pin pricks of pain in my back for the first 10 or so minutes. And not much knee pain (and I was sans knee braces!!). Some foot pain in the beginning, but not much when I was done and it seems okay now. The bad news - I was dead after 30 minutes. D.E.A.D. Yes, it's true I haven't run since August 2 and I can't expect to be great, or even good.
I am just very happy I was.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me!!

1 year ago - I was walking my marathon and on my way to become an Ironman. A feeling that still brings tears to my eyes and every emotion I felt that day. I really hope I never lose those feelings.

This was a wonderful relaxing labor day weekend. Most of it was filled with sitting on the couch or shopping for the new apartment.

I also went for a 2.5 hour ride yesterday. My goal was 40 miles, but I did 35. I was getting tired, a bit twingy on the back and might have planned to do a bit more than I should have given I was still sore from Saturday. But, I was happy with the 35 miles.

It was also helpful because I wore my DC Tri jersey and a few times when I was bored or not wanting to be on Blain, I heard a "Go DC Tri". I have no idea who was out there, and they will probably have no idea how much they helped me - but it's a good feeling to have support.

Also, it was a BEAUTIFUL day, so it was really nice to be outside.

Anyway, IM Moo is next week and my friend Ryan is competing. He was so helpful last year with all of my training that I am excited to hear about his race. Go Ryan and Happy Anniversary to me!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Terrapin Adventures

Today was spent as an interesting outing. Brooke, Mary Elizabeth and I celebrated Diane's birthday by heading to Terrapin Adventure, for the Terrapin Challenge!! This included the Giant swing, Zipline, Terrapin Tower, and the Hi-Ropes. Talk about fun.

Now I have to be honest - I did get a bit injured. I wish it was from something cool like falling off the climbing wall just as I reached the top, or jumping to the rope on the final level of the High ropes course - but no, not that cool. Diane has a bike rack on the trunk of her car and as I ran back to get the camera to capture the Zipline, I forgot about the bike rack and smashed my face with the tip of the rack. Not.Cool. Why is it that I tend to injure my self on the way to doing cool stuff? Anyone remember the giant bruise on the way to the triathlon in Richmond - after running into a dumpster? Some of you know the hitting my self in the head with a hammer on the way to a swim at Hains Point. It's rather annoying when all of my cool scars are from doing stupid stuff on the way to do cool stuff.

Anyway, I didn't take a picture because it was bloody and gross. I believe my first quote was a Marcia-like "Oh my nose". Followed by, "I'm such an idiot!". But after I got the bleeding to stop, or at least slow down, I did get to do the Zipline - with a full scream like a 5 year old. I also continued to attempt other adventures and the staff has a great story to share.

Overall, it was a great day - and the cargo net during the Hi-Ropes course did me in and gave me all the other bruises I have. And I am S.O.R.E. My upper body hurts. My legs hurt. My back hurts - not too to bad with the twinges - just muscle sore.

Thanks D for having a birthday!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

All Talk?


After I realized it was September 1 - and how different I was last year, I knew things had to change.

Tuesday I had my butt kicked by more hills at the last Conte's Tuesday hill ride. It made me realize that I have a lot of training to do - as I am pretty much starting from scratch. Again. But, it was great to catch up a bit with Karen, Sandy and a few other DC Tri people.

Wednesday I had a doctors appointment to pick up my new inserts. This was followed up by heading Potomac River Runners for new shoes. After working with Bruce for about an hour; which included filming my feet as I ran on a treadmill, a call to my physical therapist to make sure I had the right type of shoes , and trying on a few pairs - I have new shoes for my new inserts. And so far, so good...

The rest of Wednesday was spent unpacking a bit more and setting up Carlos and Blain in their new home. Seriously, how sweet does that look!?!?!

Thursday, I actually rolled out of bed at 5:30 a.m. to meet Karen at Hains Point for a morning ride. I stuck with her for about 3/4 of 1 lap - or about 4.5 miles. I managed to do 16.5 in a bit over an hour, around 15.9 mph. Not to too bad - all things considered. And I have to admit - it was pretty nice to be out riding that early again. It was good to see Karen, and how fast she has become. There were a handful of DC tri people who do the wave as you pass, including Emily who I haven't seen since Richmond. But to be honest with myself, my back was a bit twingy when it was done, however no massive spasms, so that's a WIN! I have placed an e-mail with one of my PT's in hopes to have a bike fit.

So that is where I am now. I wish it was a bit better, but I am slowly getting there. It took me over 3 months to get here, so hopefully it will only take 3 months to get back to where I was... Okay, I know it will be a bit longer but I do think I am on the right track for the first time in awhile. And that makes me very happy.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Anybody Still Out There?

Anyone still care what I have to say?? This has been by far the longest I have gone without blogging. To those of you who check regularly, thanks - and I am sorry.

Part of it is work. I am actually doing my job again. And been doing some travel where you have to pay to use the Internet. BAH! Stupid Marriott Downtown Atlanta!

Part of it is personal. I moved to a fabulous apartment and had to pack - and my unpacking process is taking forever due to above - work.

And part of it is because I don't have much to say other than how disappointed in myself I have become. Yes, 2009 hasn't been the best year. My first DNF, plenty of injuries, stupid stuff I let get to me that I shouldn't have. All the while feeling sorry for myself as I gorge on fast food, eat cheese like it's going out of style and washing it down with wine/beer. I am not in denial of how I have let myself become this way - I am perfectly aware as I gnaw on a piece of cheese and cry in my beer about it.

I realized that today is September 1. A year ago I was such a different person. Dedicated, goal oriented, nothing could stand in my way. What happened??? But more importantly, how do I change back? How do I go back to being focused? Cooking in my kitchen. Planning meals and snacks. Making workouts a priority. If my foot hurts to walk, fine, go swim. Work on my core. Do something else. It's really not that hard and I know that.

Sunday night I made the first step. I e-mailed Coach. He just rocked IM Louisville so I wanted to congratulate him. I also said I needed to catch him up on my year (he will be disappointed - so I am not looking forward to that part of the conversation) and share my 2010 goals.

Every minute, hour, day - I have choices. I need to start making better ones. I know I will still go for the slice of cheese and pint of beer, but maybe only 1 or 2 and not 4 or 5. I have gotten there before and I will get there again.