Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunrise to Sunset

That was my workout schedule for today.

A bit silly to get up at 5:40 am, meet at Hains Point at 6:30 for only a 30 minute ride (via the training schedule I have been so *cough* diligently *cough* following...) but I went anyway. Partly because I told Travis I would go if it wasn't raining. Partly because I told Karen I would go if it wasn't raining. Partly because I went out for ciders and a (delicious) burger last night with Mary Elizabeth - and said I would go if it wasn't raining. So of course when I woke up, it wasn't raining, and I went. But also because I knew I needed at least one more ride before Augusta.

Another beautiful sky morning with all the pretty colors followed by amazing sunrise (must have been the really high humidity...) And another good ride. Mary Elizabeth and I started out. Karen got there a tad later. Travis flew by - which Karen and I thought it would be 'fun' to try and draft off of him - the 500 meters just about killed me. He is really fast. But it was a good 40 minutes.

I got home and decided my couch looked lonely. So, I laid down for about 5 minutes - which turned into an hour - which turned into me being a tad late for work. Oops.

After a full day at the office, I headed the new Wilson Aquatic Center. I have to say, it's pretty sweet. Mayor Fenty - nice job with my tax dollars!!

A quick and easy 1800 meters and I was on my way home.

Short workouts, but I am on my taper so, it's allowed. I mean, you are allowed to taper even if you didn't have the high intensity workouts - right???

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