Wednesday, September 9, 2009

See, No More Excuses

Today started off wonderfully. Would you like to know why??? It was the first night in my glorious new bed. A Serta perfect sleeper - firm, but with a pillow top. It's wonderful. I really hope this helps with the back issues. Besides, my mattress was getting really old and flipping it was doing nothing. A new one was much needed.

So when I woke up from a glorious nights sleep, I thought "ya know, I really should try running again." As I was getting ready for the day, I packed up my stuff and was ready to go for a run during lunch.

After a productive morning at work, I was about to head to the gym when I realized I forgot one key item - a towel. However, I did not let that stop me - I would have in the past, it was a perfect excuse to not workout during lunch! Instead, I went to Jess, who tends to always have what I have forgotten - and I was off to the gym.

I was no Usain Bolt. I wasn't even a baby cheetah just learning to run. But I was on the treadmill for 30 minutes, and more than just walking. The good news, only a few pin pricks of pain in my back for the first 10 or so minutes. And not much knee pain (and I was sans knee braces!!). Some foot pain in the beginning, but not much when I was done and it seems okay now. The bad news - I was dead after 30 minutes. D.E.A.D. Yes, it's true I haven't run since August 2 and I can't expect to be great, or even good.
I am just very happy I was.

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