Saturday, September 5, 2009

Terrapin Adventures

Today was spent as an interesting outing. Brooke, Mary Elizabeth and I celebrated Diane's birthday by heading to Terrapin Adventure, for the Terrapin Challenge!! This included the Giant swing, Zipline, Terrapin Tower, and the Hi-Ropes. Talk about fun.

Now I have to be honest - I did get a bit injured. I wish it was from something cool like falling off the climbing wall just as I reached the top, or jumping to the rope on the final level of the High ropes course - but no, not that cool. Diane has a bike rack on the trunk of her car and as I ran back to get the camera to capture the Zipline, I forgot about the bike rack and smashed my face with the tip of the rack. Not.Cool. Why is it that I tend to injure my self on the way to doing cool stuff? Anyone remember the giant bruise on the way to the triathlon in Richmond - after running into a dumpster? Some of you know the hitting my self in the head with a hammer on the way to a swim at Hains Point. It's rather annoying when all of my cool scars are from doing stupid stuff on the way to do cool stuff.

Anyway, I didn't take a picture because it was bloody and gross. I believe my first quote was a Marcia-like "Oh my nose". Followed by, "I'm such an idiot!". But after I got the bleeding to stop, or at least slow down, I did get to do the Zipline - with a full scream like a 5 year old. I also continued to attempt other adventures and the staff has a great story to share.

Overall, it was a great day - and the cargo net during the Hi-Ropes course did me in and gave me all the other bruises I have. And I am S.O.R.E. My upper body hurts. My legs hurt. My back hurts - not too to bad with the twinges - just muscle sore.

Thanks D for having a birthday!!

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