Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Am A Half Ironman (again)!!!

Wow, what a day. I have to start out by saying that I am shocked. And I don't say this very often, but I am very proud of my self. I will do a full race report later, however I wanted to post and say that I finished!!

I am way sore, but really happy.

And the cliff notes -
Swim - WICKED fast (for me)! 28.50!! I was really happy
T1. Very slow, but I like taking my time
Bike - Shocked. 3:31:35 - 15.88 mph. My fastest bike split for a long course! It had some hills and ended with a head wind, but overall, not as bad as I expected. And I was really REALLY happy with how Blain handled the South Carolina roads. YAY!
T2. 1255 PUT HER BIKE IN MY SPOT! That is my excuse for having such a long T2. Not my costume change or general taking my time. It was 1255's fault.
"Run" - as expected. 3:25:18 (15:40 min/miles). Yup, walking. But, I knew that would happen, was okay with it, and just glad to finish.

Overall 7:39:33.
Everyone else
Brianna - smoken' time (4:45!!!), but no Clearwater :-(
Tony - PR!! And an amazing time. Just fast.
Nicole - First 70.3 and beat my time! So proud
Karen - Under 7 hours - a PR for her. Great Job!
Christina - First 70.3, finish, even though was in the last wave (i.e. very mentally tough). So happy for her - even if I missed seeing her finish - sorry!!!

Full race report later this week. Am driving back to DC tomorrow and the U2 concert (hopefully) on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Do two halves make a whole Ironman?

Catharine said...

Wow, girl! Awesome job!

737 MMB said...

Great job Amanda! Augusta 70.3 is a great race. I am going to U2 as well.

William Haynes said...

Awesome! I was there and did it too and it was TOUGH! That heat on the run was crazy... Great job.

Sarah said...

Congrats, that is awesome. I am so impressed. Hope your drive home and U2 tonight is fun.