Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me!!

1 year ago - I was walking my marathon and on my way to become an Ironman. A feeling that still brings tears to my eyes and every emotion I felt that day. I really hope I never lose those feelings.

This was a wonderful relaxing labor day weekend. Most of it was filled with sitting on the couch or shopping for the new apartment.

I also went for a 2.5 hour ride yesterday. My goal was 40 miles, but I did 35. I was getting tired, a bit twingy on the back and might have planned to do a bit more than I should have given I was still sore from Saturday. But, I was happy with the 35 miles.

It was also helpful because I wore my DC Tri jersey and a few times when I was bored or not wanting to be on Blain, I heard a "Go DC Tri". I have no idea who was out there, and they will probably have no idea how much they helped me - but it's a good feeling to have support.

Also, it was a BEAUTIFUL day, so it was really nice to be outside.

Anyway, IM Moo is next week and my friend Ryan is competing. He was so helpful last year with all of my training that I am excited to hear about his race. Go Ryan and Happy Anniversary to me!

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