Saturday, September 26, 2009

70.3 Tomorrow!!!

I am as ready as I will ever be!!

Blain is checked in and ready to go. And yes, that is Blain's cousin Wayne, RIGHT next to him. I hope his owner doesn't get confused and try to take Blain! Oh, and 1 big negative on this race - 9, that's right NINE bikes to a rack. There is ZERO room for all my costume changes.

The swim is a point to point - down stream - aka UberFast!!! You could see the current and I am hoping all goes well. 1.2 miles looks far from standing on the dock, but I know that will be the easy part.

The bike is hilly - hopefully it will Blain will be okay and I won't be too dead.

The run - I will walk.

So, those are my goals. Oh, and of course to have fun.

Oh, and to have tonight's roomie, Brianna, qualify for Clearwater.

And to have Mother Nature cooperate. Okay, that one (or Brianna) I can't really control - but I and hope. Having fun - that I can control :-)

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Rebecca said...

You can joke all you want about not training, but your swim and bike times are smoking! Congrats on toughing it out, esp with all the injury issues.