Thursday, September 24, 2009

And Taper Means...

Via my favorite and most reliable source, Wikipedia

"Tapering, in the context of "Sports", refers to the practice of reducing, or tapering off, exercise in the days just before an important competition"

Great in theory. It's hard to go from really intense weeks, long hours in the pool, on the bike, around a track - to very little, but it's needed. You must trust the taper. Be one with the taper. See how nice that is in theory?!?!

Here is what I realized today. I have worked out more this week than the past two weeks combined. HAHAHAHA!!! Okay, not total time or distance - but close. And definitely more quantity of 'workouts' - even if they were shorter.

Oh well - I am still not going to "race" Augusta. I am going to participate, have fun, and (hopefullly) not die. And if I may quote my friend Tammy (who I didn't ask if I could quote her so hopefully she doesn't mind) who just finished her first 70.3 (Woot!) and will be doing IM Flordia with - along with Sandy (i.e. will blog about them a lot in the coming year)

  • I injured my hip while running and was still experiencing problems in the weeks leading up to race. I wisely decided not to race against the clock. My revised goal was simple - to cross both the start and the finish lines, and hopefully not need crutches after the race. I think this new attitude liberated me. I did not have my usual pre-race jitters or mini-mental meltdowns in the days and weeks leading up to Patriots.
Such a wise woman that Tammy.

I am driving down tomorrow. My plan is to bring my laptop so I can keep you 9 (yes, up to 9 now that I know the S. King is reading my blog again) readers up to date.

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