Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I WAS Funny


Having this blog serves/served many purposes.
1. A place to vent my happy and sad thoughts about post Ironman, Ironman training, and post Ironman again. This time around, the after Ironman posts have been few and far between.
2. A place I can go back and reference what I did in terms of training and races. This is very handy when searching for perspective.
2A. This is also handy when I am looking for 'speed' workouts I have done in the past. And laughing to yourself about running with Mr. Shorty Shorts either on the treadmill or outside. Man, I really don't like to match people!
3. The weather is changing. I wrote how I was super happy to run outside in February in pants and a long sleeve shirt. I don't think I have had to run on a treadmill due to weather yet this winter. And I have mostly been in shorts.
4. Looking at old posts triggered a few memories of workouts with friends, beating the odds, and that this stuff can still be fun.

So overall, you may be wondering why I am even 'running' in the first place. Do I still hate running? Yes. But I wound up in the Cherry Blossom 10 mile 'race' on April 1 - and no, it's not an April Fool's joke. My goal is to not DNF - which would be less than a 14 minute miles. Can I do that, yes, BUT its 14 minute miles from the start of the gun, NOT when you cross the start line (which takes a good 10 minutes). So, I do have some reason to worry.

I was doing really well with training. Running 3 days a week, strength training once a week, and a total body conditioning class once a week. Then work changed and I got super busy with 9-10 hour days and no lunch break. Then I got food poisoning and missed a long run weekend and a few extra workouts. Now I only have 4 weekends/32 days before the 'race'. So, I am trying to make every workout count, including what will be a speed workout on the treadmill. Which sparked this entire post and why I went back to look at old workouts.

Unfortunately, Mr. Shorty Shorts hurt his knee so he should not be running (hear that Mr. Shorty Shorts! NO RUNNING! REST!) which means it will be just me and a treadmill. But he gave me a speed workout to try. I think it will go well with my new playlist from Karen.

Overall, I know I don't post much anymore. Mainly because when I go back to read old things, I crack myself up. And I just don't seem to have many funny things happening right now. But who knows, that may change soon.