Sunday, August 8, 2010


That's how I feel right now. But in a very good way.

It was another 4:30 wake up call. Coffee was made, bagel was toasted, the car was packed and we were off to The Greater Cleveland Triathlon.

We got there nice and early so we could do our packet pickup and make sure our transition areas were set, as this was V's first International distance tri. I am fairly experienced in the world of triathlon, but going into this one, it was more about being with friends. And it showed. I forgot my race chip and swim cap in the car. Somehow I was covered in chain grease already (I blame it on putting on and off bikes in the dark). By the time we started walking to the beach, I figured I should start thinking about the event.

The Swim.
It was wet suit legal, which figures because I left my wet suit back in DC. I had the room, as I drove, but was informed that it had been so hot out, the wet suit wouldn't be allowed. Oh well. We had to walk the 1200 meters down the beach, as it was a point to point swim, which is just mean. But the swim was okay, all things considered. The swells were pretty bad so I am sure I drank a lot of Lake Erie. And my right goggle keep filling up. It was really REALLY annoying. I was getting passed left and right - an odd feeling for me in a swim. Not a great time, I am sure not a great placement, but all practice is good practice.

The Bike.
The benefit of going into a bike course you don't know is there are a lot of surprises. The bad thing is, I don't do that well. I did look at the elevation and knew there was at least 1 climb, but I was not expecting what I had to go up. Plus, there was a headwind the first part as well as a false flat. What was even more frustrating was the fact that I was getting passed by people on mountain bikes, in cages! I just could not go faster.
My other issue today on the bike, my nutrition was horrible. I didn't drink nearly enough or take in enough calories. I think because I didn't know what was coming, I was afraid to get stuck with a water bottle in my hand and looking up a hill. Or start eating a combo when I could be making up some time going downhill or having a tail wind. I know better, and should have done better. But I think I was around 1 hour 35 minutes. Not horrible, but I think I could have done better.

The Walk.
I don't have any idea the last time I went 6.2 miles. I am guessing Ironman... As well as things have been going for me with the run/walk, it sure wasn't today. Actually, the first 3 miles went really well. I was sticking to my run 1 minute, walk 1 minute and finished the first half faster than my last 5K at this race. However, then the pain in my foot started. And it was bad. Both at the ball of my foot and at 2 of my toes. I wanted to rip off my toe nails! So my run 1 minute, walk 1 minute turned into speed walking, without limping so I didn't throw off my knee or back, for the rest of the race. That is until I saw Merissa and had to run for the pictures. ALWAYS run for the pictures.

So, overall, I can't complain. It was a lot of fun and I am so proud of V.
Back to DC tomorrow and off to Bear, DE to do it all again Saturday.

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