Sunday, May 31, 2009


I just wanted to give a quick congrats to ME for her FIRST PLACE WIN at her Duathlon today. Unlike me, she rocks the Du's and am so proud of her first place finish.


Not Quite as Planned

Why does Mother Nature do this to me? Really, WHY?!?!

6:00 am - it's raining. There is thunder, lighting. Only green on the radar of DC and Annapolis. See, Brooke, Diane, Karen, Emily, and a bunch of other people had planned on doing an open water swim in Sandy Point. Some for training for Eagleaman. Others for SheRox. Me for the Bay swim. But when all you see is green on the weather radar, you are texting/e-mailing in bed - it's not good. A few of us decided to reschedule - hopefully for next Sunday.

Of course, I couldn't really get back to sleep and by 7:45 - it was a beautiful blue sky. I mean really, if you are going to ruin my morning, at least do it for the entire morning!!!

So I decided to make the best of it by signing up for Flow Fit. Now I just have to say, just because you are in a yoga studio and use a yoga mat does not mean it's yoga!!! Boot camp would have been a more appropriate title. Only 2 yoga poses!!! Not what I was expecting. The instructor said how everyone could now justify sitting on the couch the rest of the day - however my plan was to head to Hains Point for a swim and ride. It was good - just not what I was expecting or wanting.

After I met up with Diane and the farmers market and supported the local economy. A lot.

This was followed up with a swim at Hains Point. The 50 meter pool is now open and I was excited to get some distance in. I talked to Karen about meeting up for a bike after. It was hot, I wanted to just go home, but I knew biking was needed. We decided on a time, got off the phone and I then realized I left my bike bag at home.
Just.Not.My.Day. Carlos was so upset!!! As was I. A quick call to Karen to cancel and Diane and I were off to swim and laugh at my stupidness.

But, the swim was good. 50 meter and 25 yard pools have a very different feel. I got in some decent yardage and (hopefully) helped Diane with her stroke.

So overall, the day did not go as planned - at all, but I learned a lot. I did my best to adjust, find things to do close to my original plan, enjoy the day and make the best of Mother Nature screwing me over again. But She did give me a beautiful day and to that - I thank you.

Saturday's Post

I had this written in my head, just didn't get a chance to sit down and write it. I will try to do better this week :-)

I met up with the HIPsters for another great ride. My major concern was Blain (and not riding for 2 weeks). He was a bit mad at me for 1. racing in the rain and 2. not cleaning him soon after... My bad!
Anyway, I got to Glen Echo early to ride around the parking lot to make sure Blain would make it through the 30+ hills I was about to do. There were a few issues, but I knew he would be okay. It also helped that I heard running water, went to find it, and found this beautiful bridge and flowing stream. There is just something about water that calms me.
Anyway, the ride was great with 4 awesome women. 31.3 miles of pure hills baby!!

After the ride, I headed over to Conte's to finally get the proper equipment for my shoes. Of course, there were DC Tri people there so the trip was a bit longer than expected. The good news was I talked to the manager and dropped Blain off for a much needed tune up. As much as I miss him, I know he is in good hands and will thank me later when he is nice and clean with his new chain - and anything else they think is needed.

I ran a bunch of errands the rest of the day (including taking Marcus for a tune up - i.e. oil change) and before I knew it, the time was way past my bed time and I needed rest for Sunday's planned activities.

Overall, a really good Saturday.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sorry Sorry Sorry

I'm back. My bad. I have been back for a few days, just haven't
1. had much to blog about after my fantastic weekend with the ladies in the dells
and 2. not sure how it became Friday already.

Yesterday I was all ready to get on the wagon. I went to put my front tire back on Blain to have an early ride and I realized how dirty and rusty the chain/crack was. Oops. I didn't clean Blain after Rocketts and he sure looks it. Blain is very mad at me. So I stayed up Wednesday night to clean him and missed the ride Thursday morning.
I did get dressed at lunch to do some speed work on the treadmill. Just as I was about to get on, the fire alarm went off in the building. Not Cool.
I had a 1:30 meeting so I couldn't get in my run.

I did make it to yoga with ME. The class wasn't the greatest, but it was still good. And my posture was really good for the next hour. Then I started to slouch again.

And today, well, Friday's are always my day off so...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Instead of Working Out...

I am back in my G-dale and having a very relaxing day with my parents. Shopping with my parents - and I only got 1 shirt! Dad got 1 shirt, shoes and socks. Mom got much needed pants/shorts and a top. All and all, a very good time. Shopping is totally cardio.

We also did something that was needed - going through old pictures. I found this one - a very favorite of mine - how cute was I?!?! It's from around December of 1981 - I was almost 3 and I learned/realized that it was all about me - and still is. HA!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm On My Way...

Home Sweet Home!

Very early tomorrow I head back to the land of cheese and my home of G-dale. I am looking forward to relaxing at home and spending the Memorial Day weekend with my family and friends.

That being said, my blog posts will probably been few and far between until I get back next week.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Need A Better Story

I am still tired from Sunday's race. Really!! Stupid running. My homemade sugar free vanilla lattes are not longer doing the trick. I really think more sleep is needed! Has anyone figured out how to make it a 30 hour day?

Anyway, yesterday was an amazingly beautiful day so I went for a run on The Mall. I was hoping to go with Charles, however he had a meeting, then I had a meeting, so I had to go on my own. It was okay, a bit slow because I got stopped at a lot of lights in the beginning, but not too bad.

Today I went to ATL for lunch instead of weights class. And Dad - it was to return stuff, not more shopping! Plus, I knew I would be swimming so it seemed like the correct choice.

I got to the pool and was just tired. I don't think I ever really woke up today... I hopped in, start to swim and never really found my stroke/rhythm. A warm up, then one of the sets was 3 x 200 kick with fins. Sweet! It's been years since I used fins! Unfortunately, about 150 into the first 200 - HUGE FOOT CRAMP!! I asked Hugh, the guy who wrote the workout, what to do and he said pull. So, while everyone as able to enjoy fins, I used a pull buoy :-(

But, my goal was 2500 yds today and I got in 3000 so I am happy.

Of course, the number one question was "What happened to your arm??" I never did come up with a better story than the truth - I ran into a dumpster. It is kind of fun to see peoples reactions.

Monday, May 18, 2009

2, 24.8, 6.2

Now for the race report. Rocketts Landing Oly Tri - 2009, duathlon.

I have accepted the fact I am about to do a Du. It's no one's fault (except Mother Nature) and the race director did everything she could to keep it a full tri. ME was excited - as she was signed up for the du in the first place, and is also supportive because she knows I am not happy with the situation.

8:10 - the men go off. 8:12, the 70 or so women go off. I am immediately passed by all but 3 people and I watch them fade into the distance. TF stayed with me and we ran/walked our way to the mile 1 turn around. We saw all the DC tri people and cheered them as they passed. The last two ladies passed us during a walk break and we immediately leap frogged back. TF looks at me and says "We are DC Tri and can not be last into T1". I agreed and we were off, 3rd and 4th last into T1 :-) And way faster than I should have ran 2 miles :-(

It's still raining when Blain and I head out the the 24.8 (40K) bike course and luckily I have experience riding in the rain. I say hi to ME and Rose and wish them good luck and safe rides. I pass the 2 who some how made it out of T1 before me. I pass a handful of others and have a pretty good ride. I push a little hard because I figured a good ride and horrible run is better than an okay ride and horrible run. 1 hour 32 min - or 16.2 mph. This makes me very happy considering the conditions and 2 mile run before.

T2 is fine - just switched shoes from wet bike shoes to wet running shoes - there were puddles in the heals of the shoe; and am off.

10K run - oh you 10K. I decided to go no watch or HRM for the race. I wanted to see how things would "feel" vs. time or HR telling me how I felt. Also, this was decided when it was still a tri. In a way it was good because I couldn't let my slowness bother me. But during the 10K, I wish I had something for a more set run/walk.
Anyway, I start off for my 6.2 mile adventure watching some men finish. I see one woman, then another, then Kelzie! Kelzie is a DC Tri member who stayed in a room with ME, Rose and I - and overall very awesome person. And she is (obviously) very fast. I cheer loud and she is MOVING!
I continue on my way, running/walking based off of feeling and signs. Luckily, a woman passed me and when her watch went off, she walked. Woot! A run/walker! I decided that when she ran, I ran. When she walked, I walked. Unless I saw a DC tri club person, then I would run :-) Otherwise, I stayed with her until the turn around (up a gigantic hill) and just couldn't keep up with her any more. My foot killed around mile 1, but then forgot about it until around 4.5. There were knee twinges here and there but I just kept moving. A few more people passed and 3 hours, 20 minutes, and 6 seconds later - I crossed the finish line.

Kelzie and Emily (another DC Tri club member who I ran into at packet pick up and came to dinner with us Saturday night) were at the finish line with Oreos :-) I learned Kelzie was actually the 4th woman and would be winning $$. We found TF, made sure she was okay and we cheered on ME and Rose to the finish.

We all cleaned up our stuff from the transition area, threw it into our cars and headed to the awards. Kelzie received a giant check, award, and Hammer Gel for her 4th place finish. Rose received her plaque for her 3rd place age group finish. We were waiting for Emily's award - the Athena times weren't posted but she is pretty fast so knew she was in the top 3.

They announced the Athena category last and the Race Director said "With a time of 3 hours, 20 minutes and 6 seconds, from Washington DC - Amanda Chadwick". Now I wasn't paying much attention but ME, Rose, Kelzie and Emily all cheered very loud, and I realized that was me. I went up and received my third place plaque. And sure enough, Emily came in first.

Overall, I wouldn't have picked a Du to participate in and would much prefer a swim. But, do to the conditions, the race went from 370 to 192 people. 8 Athena's to 5. I am sure that helped with my best placement ever in a race. Either way, I really enjoyed the weekend, met some awesome people and can now ad a Duathlon to my race times sheet.

Sunday Morning.

What a Sunday morning... My pre-race report.

Alarm goes off at 4:30 a.m. 4 ladies crawled out of bed, got dressed in triathlon clothing, used a lot of body glide, made coffee, called the valet for our cars, packed up the room and headed to the race site by 5:10 a.m.

It's raining.

I put Blain together in the parking structure, gave him some chain lube, pumped up the tires and headed to the transition area.

Still raining.

I set up my spot and slowly started to mentally prep for the year's first triathlon. After chatting with other DC tri people, I started to put on my wetsuit. We all head down to the start and realize how strong the current looks - but the rain has stopped. The race director changes the course from a 1500M swim to 300M swim. I am okay with this because it's still a swim.

15 minutes later, the first wave goes off. All you see is blue caps swimming, but fighting the current and getting pushed down river. Blue cap after blue cap grabbed a kayak and it starts to happen... The voices were getting louder and louder - "It's a du, dropping the swim, it's a du". C.R.*.P.

And during all of this swim watching, it started raining, again. But this time, sideways.

We all get back to the transition area and everything is soaked. Shoes, Blain, trans towels, jacket. And it's cold.

I took some stuff back to the car that won't be needed for a du and try to mentally prep. About 8 DC tri people all huddle around discussing proper ways to bike in the rain. We are here, might as well give it a shot.

Stupid stupid stupid mother nature.

Saturday's Post

NOTE - I wanted to post this on Saturday night, but couldn't find a computer in the hotel. So, just pretend this was written Saturday night and you are reading this Saturday night or Sunday morning (and as always, please ignore my grammar/tense issues). Thanks.

Sometimes I do things because I want good karma. I know, it's really selfish, but it's the truth. So when I learned that it was the last swimming event for KEEN, I figured if I go volunteer, I will have better karma with the world to have a full triathlon on Sunday (vs. the dreaded du-athlon). Well, I got to the pool and there were tons of volunteers. I talked to the head of the program (and fellow triathlete) and he thanked me for coming, wished me luck on my race and said I could go. Sweet!

I picked up Rose, packed up Marcus with her stuff and headed to my place to get Blain and my stuff. Well, as we were packing up the car, I turned too quickly and smacked my right bicep directly into the dumpster (which is next to my parking spot). I immediately let a few choice words fly that would have made a sailor blush. O.U.C.H!! (NOTE - This is how it looked as of this morning. Taking a picture of your own right arm, through a mirror is hard. Also, still O.U.C.H!!)

Well, okay, so much for karma. But we made it down to Richmond with no problems. There were a few direction issues which I blame on Google, not me or Rose. All is looking good for a full triathlon on Sunday.

Except for the thunderstorms that are predicted...

Friday, May 15, 2009

It Came Up To Quick!!

I know today is May 15th. I know my first race is May 17th. Yet, I just realized that my first race is in 2 days and I am ssssooooo not prepared.

Last night I started to lay out all my gear and had a slight panic attack. This morning I started getting the maps to where the hotel is located, packet pick-up information, the course routes - and it hit me, CR*P - I have a triathlon in 2 days!! 2 DAYS!

Yes, I have been blogging about it becoming a Du, added my race schedule (to those of you who only read me on Google Reader, on the right side of the blog, my 2009 race schedule is up) and know I have a race. But knowing and realizing are very different things.

I looked at my times document and to date I have done 11 triathlons (sprint to Ironman), 12 runs (5K to marathon), and 7 swims (750M to 4.4 miles). I have been stung by jellyfish, cut by rocks, had a flat tire, fallen, thrown up (multiple times), had heat stroke, been downpour rained on, ran with lightening in the distance and not once have I quit a race I've stared. I know that when I start a race I have 2 options - finish or get pulled off the course by a race official. I KNOW this about me.

Yet all that being said, I still freak out a bit when it comes to races. I never feel I am in good enough shape (especially right now), care-but-don't-care about being last (and I have been last before), worry about letting other people down, more worried about letting my self down, always wondering if I can really do what I am about to attempt to do...

But I guess that's part of the fun. When I question myself, it makes the answer so much more - real. Nothing is a guarantee. Sunday might turn into a du and I might be last. Sunday might stay a tri and I might get super human strength and win. One of those is more likely than the other, but there is very little I can control in this type of situation.

All I can control is to move my arms in a circular motion, keep pedaling, and put one foot in front of the other.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mowing the Lawn

Dad - you know how I never mowed the lawn as a child? You made Arin do it, but never me, and I still thank you for that! However, I think I have found a solution where I can get a bike ride in, AND mow the lawn.

It says Lawnmower fail, but I think it's a WIN!!


M.E. and I had the best intentions of biking this morning. Woke up a 5:45, just in time for the weather report. Of course, the radar showed all green around the DC metro area. Not cool, not cool at all. So ME and I texted and I chickened out. I just don't like biking in the rain and don't want Blain to get all rusty before Sunday. So, since we were up, we said we would run on our own (the accountability factor always helps). I get get dressed, ready to head out and start looking for my shoes. Cr*p. My running shoes are at the office. Dagnabit!!

So I did the only wise thing to do in this situation, go back to bed.

Now I will run at lunch and go to yoga after work. I mean really, it's not that big of a deal as I am in a taper week... (And you can taper even though you really haven't worked out hard... right???)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So Different Than Last Year

Almost nothing got into my way of workouts last year. In a lot of ways, that was a good thing. I was in much better shape, had a major goal that was EVERYTHING, was careful about my eating - but there was a lot lacking. I keep talking about choices and tonight was another one. I missed my swim because something else came up that was more important. Last year, I don't think I would have made the same choice, and I am glad things are different.

But, I also compromised. At home, I did some weights, sit-ups, girly push-ups. Not a full workout but more than sitting on the couch.

Plus, I played some Guitar Hero. We all know playing guitar and drums works the forearms and leg (with the kick drum).

Oh, I almost forgot. My first race this season, Rocketts Oly Tri, announced they are adding a Du. Who does that 5 days before the race?!?! My guess - they are planing on switching the tri to a Du. It's a chance you take with almost all tri's in open water, but hardly ever happens. I am so not happy about it. If I wanted to do a Du, I would have done Du Nationals! BOOO!!! STUPID MOTHER NATURE!! YOU BETTER MAKE THIS UP TO ME!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Silly Rain

Stupid stupid stupid rain. It was raining last night and that put the thought of not biking in my head. Sure enough, I woke up, it looked wet, my bed was comfortable, so I went back to sleep - for 2 and a half more hours. I missed ME, and a few others - but the sleep was worth it.

The rest of the day was a bit crazy. Long meetings, stupid people; a typical day. I took my lunch around 5:30 for a quick run before a 7 o'clock meeting. Not a good idea. You know sometimes workouts make you feel better - this one did not.

It was just a crummy run. I could blame it on the right foot, the knee pain, my legs were tired (which I can only assume it is still from the 56 mile ride) - but basically, I just haven't been running and it shows. I am more than concerned about my Oly tri this weekend in Richmond. That's a 10K run!! And the worst part, they are talking about turning it into a Du (run bike run).

Oh well, there isn't much I can do now, just be smart.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Today started off very jittery. I made myself a sugar free skim raspberry latte that just made me very chatty and fidgety around the office. Not enough to get me to workout over lunch - I was still sore from my awesome 56 mile ride yesterday. And I am also in mourning that my boot camp instructor/personal trainer is no longer working at my gym (insert joke on how good I am at making excuses for not working out here).

Tonight was a good swim. And I am not just saying that because I wrote the workout :-) It was a smaller crowd, which was nice. And there wasn't as much chatting, just some solid swimming. I shared a lane with the former pres, Travis (and I did ask that I could use his name - and he said he doesn't read blogs so I am safe :-). See, Travis is one of those really nice guys who is an annoyingly good athlete. Just started swimming a few years back and is faster than me. Boo to that! We have been swimming together for a few weeks and what we realized today is that I when we do stroke work, I am faster. Kicking, I am faster. Drills I am faster. Pulling I am way faster. But straight up free - he can smoke me. Makes ZERO sense. But, it works for when we are doing sprints as my only goal is to beat Travis.

3300 yards and it felt good. However to my displeasure, when I left the pool, it was raining AGAIN! I really think the animals are starting to pair up 2 by 2. And it makes me not want to set my alarm and try to get up for a morning ride (NOTE - see above about making excuses :-)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Yes, that's right, 56 miles. On Blain. Today. Woo-Hoo!! And it's not Brooke's fault! Well, actually, it still kind of is because Brooke let Karen and I know we are around the same bike speed... so really, it is still Brooke's fault. He he he

Anyway, the HIP (Half Iron (distance training) program) group decided to tag along on a ride in Cambridge, MD for the Eagleman 70.3 bike course. My last 2 rides were around 30 miles but hilly so I hoped 56 and flat would be okay. And it was!!! I was so happy I made the decision to stick to 56 miles. I almost dropped to the 37 option because it was so incredibly windy. I mean white caps on the water, am worried about being blown over, windy. But, it wasn't too bad, the entire time.

And the best part, the people I rode with. There were 5 of us who broke off to our own pace and I definitely went harder than I would have by my self. At times it was tough to keep up, but overall, it was good to push my self. Also, we matched. I mean, really matched. All in DC Tri jerseys, black shorts, and pink accessories. I guess we were a site turning corners in our pace line :-) Karen posted this an the quote was "Mother's Day ride in Cambridge...the ride isn't official without a Facebook foto. J and S changed before we took this, but during the ride we all 5 had on the same outfit."

And the worst part - applying spay sunblock in the wind. I will leave it at that...

OH, I almost forgot - a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Janel for her LONGEST RIDE EVER!! WOOT!!! You Rock!!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Love you Mom!!!
PS. Sorry your present and card are late... My fault... If only I had your concentration

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Speedy Thursday

That is Thursday's new name. Speedy Thursday.


Blame Charles!! Remember back a few weeks (okay, months) ago when we did speed work on the treadmill? Well, it's back. Charles is hard core and it very helpful to have someone so positive to run with, especially on the treadmill. He can run really fast, and I can, well, go to the best of my ability.

The workout goes like this:
5 minute warm up, 35 seconds fast, 30 seconds easy - for 25 minutes, or the minimum of 20 rounds. The issue was I went to slow for the first 10. But, even after I started to push my self, I really felt a good workout. It's something I hope we can work into a schedule - whenever Charles is around. Because really, we know I won't do that on my own.

And why the Speedy G pic? Becuase I love the saying! It's something I feel all the time.

Oh, and finally - Charles and I didn't totally match today. Both darker shorts with gray-ish tops, but not too matchie match.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Much Better

Yesterday I was in a funk. I don't know why, but I was very whinny. I had a personal training session with my trainer - who is leaving Friday, and had a kick butt workout. However when I was done - I just couldn't snap out of it. Jess and I headed to Costco, which helped.

And today I woke up feeling better. Which was good because it was another swim day. And I don't know if it was my serene ending swim on Monday, but tonight's swim was much MUCH better overall. Not in time, but the way it felt.

The "A" group has expanded to 3 lanes (instead of 2). It's always tough when people think because you write workouts, collect money, are on the tri club board, run training sessions - you will be 'good' or 'fast'. I'm not, and okay with that fact. I say this because out of the 11 people doing the 3300 yrd workout, and I was the slowest, people questioned if I was doing the 'right' workout. Maybe it's just me being sensitive (not a long shot), I don't know. I remember playing high school soccer and I was a captain, but wasn't a starter, and didn't even play in some of the games. Sometimes it's just a bit tough when people question your role based on your ability of the sport.

Anyway, I felt the need to prove that I belonged doing the A workout, even if it wasn't as fast as everyone else. Maybe that's why it was better - like most people, I strive at competition. But I felt stronger, had a better stroke, just more comfortable in the water. A good feeling.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yesterday's Swim

Yesterday was Monday: Boot camp, abs and swim day. Yes, that's a lot in 1 day.

It was a bit bitter sweet because it was the last of these classes for my boot camp/abs instructor. Friday is her last day :-( She is getting married and moving to Florida with her about to graduate Naval Academy man. I am happy for her, but mad because it screws up my workout schedule.

Then there was the swim. For some reason it was pretty tough. Not sure why, but everyone seemed to be having a bit of a problem, which made me feel slightly better. I got the distance in, 3200 yards, but was much slower than I would have liked.

My favorite part, the end. Everyone was done and gotten out, however I wanted to finish my cool down. I was doing a 200 IM and when I got to the breaststroke, it reminded me how much I love swimming. There was a time when I was younger (maybe around 10ish years old), and a decent swimmer. I would be a race and the water was like glass before you dove in. And when you were in the lead, took a stroke, all you saw was your own waves breaking the glass. That's what it was like. Just a calm, relaxing, serene moment.

I have been searching for a picture to describe the moment, but can't find one. This isn't it, but hopefully gives you the serene feeling I am trying to describe.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ahh... Yoga

So this was the start of Yoga week in DC. ME, Diane and I signed up for a yoga fundamentals. I have to say... wow. It was great. A wonderful stretch for an hour. The instructor was a bit chatty, but overall, I thought it as great.

At one point, she was describing a move and said "it's great if you went for a 2-3 hour bike ride". It's like she knew exactly what poses I needed to do. But didn't help that I was next to ME and she started to laugh, and I did. Not very centered...

Also, to my pleasant/painful surprise, one pose, as soon as I rotated my hips, the stretch in my foot was almost unbearable. It something I am going to have to remember for future stretches.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Great Satruday Morning

This was, again, another great Saturday morning. It started off me being a whiny b*tch. There was a cue sheet I really didn't want to do. Lots of turns, in neighborhoods, and just not change to "go". But, I was (luckily) talked into doing the cue sheet with the group. And I am glad I did.

It was challenging. Very challenging. The first "hill" at mile 4 was worse than any hill I can remember. And I am not exaggerating. People who have never walked up a hill, got off and walked. I was going 2.9 mph at one point and new if I didn't go harder, I would fall over. Remember, this is mile 4. Of a 30 mile ride.

But the rest was good. I rode with a few people, including Karen and Rose. And I met some new people too, and even talked them into brunch at my favorite bagel shop. Yummm... everything bagel with hummus and veggies.

To our surprise, there was a little fair thing going on so Rose and I went to check it out. Something to do with mothers, but the important thing was there were CUPCAKES! Nothing says "YAY Amanda for riding 30 hilly miles" than cupcakes.

And Rose was good and didn't get one. So I got two for myself. I couldn't pass up the sparkles.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Best Triathlon Image EVER

I saw this and had to post it. I am tempted to go to cafe press and make myself a t-shirt.

Went for a treadmill lunch 'run' today. It wasn't good. It didn't suck either, but I tend to want things to be better than "didn't suck". Tomorrow is a 40-ish ride so hopefully that will go well. I just want to get it done before the rain. Blain told me he doesn't like to be in the rain - and he is the boss of me.