Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not Quite as Planned

Why does Mother Nature do this to me? Really, WHY?!?!

6:00 am - it's raining. There is thunder, lighting. Only green on the radar of DC and Annapolis. See, Brooke, Diane, Karen, Emily, and a bunch of other people had planned on doing an open water swim in Sandy Point. Some for training for Eagleaman. Others for SheRox. Me for the Bay swim. But when all you see is green on the weather radar, you are texting/e-mailing in bed - it's not good. A few of us decided to reschedule - hopefully for next Sunday.

Of course, I couldn't really get back to sleep and by 7:45 - it was a beautiful blue sky. I mean really, if you are going to ruin my morning, at least do it for the entire morning!!!

So I decided to make the best of it by signing up for Flow Fit. Now I just have to say, just because you are in a yoga studio and use a yoga mat does not mean it's yoga!!! Boot camp would have been a more appropriate title. Only 2 yoga poses!!! Not what I was expecting. The instructor said how everyone could now justify sitting on the couch the rest of the day - however my plan was to head to Hains Point for a swim and ride. It was good - just not what I was expecting or wanting.

After I met up with Diane and the farmers market and supported the local economy. A lot.

This was followed up with a swim at Hains Point. The 50 meter pool is now open and I was excited to get some distance in. I talked to Karen about meeting up for a bike after. It was hot, I wanted to just go home, but I knew biking was needed. We decided on a time, got off the phone and I then realized I left my bike bag at home.
Just.Not.My.Day. Carlos was so upset!!! As was I. A quick call to Karen to cancel and Diane and I were off to swim and laugh at my stupidness.

But, the swim was good. 50 meter and 25 yard pools have a very different feel. I got in some decent yardage and (hopefully) helped Diane with her stroke.

So overall, the day did not go as planned - at all, but I learned a lot. I did my best to adjust, find things to do close to my original plan, enjoy the day and make the best of Mother Nature screwing me over again. But She did give me a beautiful day and to that - I thank you.

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