Monday, May 11, 2009


Today started off very jittery. I made myself a sugar free skim raspberry latte that just made me very chatty and fidgety around the office. Not enough to get me to workout over lunch - I was still sore from my awesome 56 mile ride yesterday. And I am also in mourning that my boot camp instructor/personal trainer is no longer working at my gym (insert joke on how good I am at making excuses for not working out here).

Tonight was a good swim. And I am not just saying that because I wrote the workout :-) It was a smaller crowd, which was nice. And there wasn't as much chatting, just some solid swimming. I shared a lane with the former pres, Travis (and I did ask that I could use his name - and he said he doesn't read blogs so I am safe :-). See, Travis is one of those really nice guys who is an annoyingly good athlete. Just started swimming a few years back and is faster than me. Boo to that! We have been swimming together for a few weeks and what we realized today is that I when we do stroke work, I am faster. Kicking, I am faster. Drills I am faster. Pulling I am way faster. But straight up free - he can smoke me. Makes ZERO sense. But, it works for when we are doing sprints as my only goal is to beat Travis.

3300 yards and it felt good. However to my displeasure, when I left the pool, it was raining AGAIN! I really think the animals are starting to pair up 2 by 2. And it makes me not want to set my alarm and try to get up for a morning ride (NOTE - see above about making excuses :-)

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