Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yesterday's Swim

Yesterday was Monday: Boot camp, abs and swim day. Yes, that's a lot in 1 day.

It was a bit bitter sweet because it was the last of these classes for my boot camp/abs instructor. Friday is her last day :-( She is getting married and moving to Florida with her about to graduate Naval Academy man. I am happy for her, but mad because it screws up my workout schedule.

Then there was the swim. For some reason it was pretty tough. Not sure why, but everyone seemed to be having a bit of a problem, which made me feel slightly better. I got the distance in, 3200 yards, but was much slower than I would have liked.

My favorite part, the end. Everyone was done and gotten out, however I wanted to finish my cool down. I was doing a 200 IM and when I got to the breaststroke, it reminded me how much I love swimming. There was a time when I was younger (maybe around 10ish years old), and a decent swimmer. I would be a race and the water was like glass before you dove in. And when you were in the lead, took a stroke, all you saw was your own waves breaking the glass. That's what it was like. Just a calm, relaxing, serene moment.

I have been searching for a picture to describe the moment, but can't find one. This isn't it, but hopefully gives you the serene feeling I am trying to describe.

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