Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So Different Than Last Year

Almost nothing got into my way of workouts last year. In a lot of ways, that was a good thing. I was in much better shape, had a major goal that was EVERYTHING, was careful about my eating - but there was a lot lacking. I keep talking about choices and tonight was another one. I missed my swim because something else came up that was more important. Last year, I don't think I would have made the same choice, and I am glad things are different.

But, I also compromised. At home, I did some weights, sit-ups, girly push-ups. Not a full workout but more than sitting on the couch.

Plus, I played some Guitar Hero. We all know playing guitar and drums works the forearms and leg (with the kick drum).

Oh, I almost forgot. My first race this season, Rocketts Oly Tri, announced they are adding a Du. Who does that 5 days before the race?!?! My guess - they are planing on switching the tri to a Du. It's a chance you take with almost all tri's in open water, but hardly ever happens. I am so not happy about it. If I wanted to do a Du, I would have done Du Nationals! BOOO!!! STUPID MOTHER NATURE!! YOU BETTER MAKE THIS UP TO ME!!!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck this weekend.